Fall 2012 Final Impressions

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I had dropped this half way through before the melodrama began. Kind of glad I finished it evne if the ending was completely unsatisfactory. It was an okay way to pass the time. The whole premise was tiring. Rikka’s shtick got old quickly and then when she did lose it, we got into the drama episodes and that wasn’t really a good time for anybody. The only sad thing about all that was that Rikka’s personality and self depended on acting like a crazy.

One of the best things about the show was the side characters. Nibutani was my favourite by far. I would have said Touka was but she got involved with the drama and it dampened her character. Dekomori was pretty annoying but she was so cute in the last episode when she was acting like a normal person. Unfortunately she had to go back.

Kumin was another great character but the last episode was really disappointing for her. It seemed obvious she would be the one to influence Yuuta and be the most wise and mature about things. Unfortunately, it really seemed to clash with her character. I’m also disappointed there was no conclusion to Yuuta’s friend and her relationship. I mean, I did like seeing the rest of the club to their rescue but the whole thing felt so unrealistic. Though a lot of things were played up for drama so complaining about things being realistic in this show is a little absurd.

The fight scenes were kind of cool, the side characters were far, far better than Rikka (cute though she may be sometimes) and if this wasn’t by KyoAni I doubt we’d even remember it at all.

Kamisama Kiss

Oh Kamisama Kiss. Maid-sama left a hole in my heart no other could fill. You came pretty close. I’m not going to lie because I like the show. It was cliche as heck. Nanami was really likable though so that made the scenes that had been done one million times before a little more bearable. Misaki from KwM was more interesting though.

The show was a lot funnier than I expected. Mostly thanks to side characters. I was surprised that Kurama became one of my, if not 1st, favourite character. Not only did his theme get me every time but he had a lot more tact than I would have expected.

Also, aquatic designs. Unf.


I liked Jormungand. It was fun. Up until the last few episodes, anyways. The plot started happening and while that could have worked out, it just really didn’t. Jonah left at the end of episode 23 and it was supposed to be important that he returned? They blew that scene up a lot. I mean, yeah, it took two years in the show (and Valemt getting her hair back and Koko cutting hers off was such a nice trade off) but there was no real impact on me. Considering I liked all the characters, I guess that kind of says something.

I get that they couldn’t show the aftermath of Jormungand but I think that they would be just so big and catastrophic that leaving it at where it ended kind of sucks. There’s just so much to leave up to your imagination. Everything leads up to Jormungand but we don’t find out what happens. I’m happy Kasper pointed out that Koko was crazy for thinking her plan would work. I still think it would only bring about more violence and fighting. Which would have been interesting to see.

So I did like Jormungand a lot as it progressed and was just deal of the week type thing. Near the end though the show dragged. The ending left a lot to be desired and put a damper on how I remember the series.


  • Nopy

    December 29, 2012

    I was glad to see KyoAni finally bring some drama back into one of their series. Granted, the ending seemed kinda rushed to me. Dekomori going from the most crazy one to normal (not to mention cute) was shocking, and yes, Kumin’s thing at the end felt out of place. I still liked it though.

  • Fang-tan

    December 31, 2012

    Yeah, rushed is exactly it. I don’t think I could sit through Chuu2Koi if it was a 2 cour show though. Dekomori changing was one of the best things because her breakdown was so big and then seeing the ramifications of it was wonderful.

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