12 Days of Anime: #8 – Class of 2012

I already included this on one list but hey, look, it’s back. It’s not just stripper poles and symmetrical bouncing that makes this such a treat. There are a lot of style choices in it that make it look nice just in general. Little colour choices that are pleasing to the eye. Any ED could (theoretically, if your show was lacking enough class) have bouncing t&a and pole dancing. This one, however, also have other scenes that sync so well and look so nice and stand out in my memory just as much (well, maybe not just as much). Plus, StylipS Study x Study is just too catchy for it’s own good.

Of course, I haven’t actually watched Highschool DxD and it’s likely I never will (perhaps one day…). The show has been immortalized in my memory for this entertaining ending though.

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