Psycho-Pass Episode 11 (aka Akane Defense Rant)

I might have never picked up Psycho-Pass if it wasn’t for Urobuchi’s involvement. Fate Zero s2 had destroyed me and Madoka was a doozy at the time. Looking back, I don’t find Madoka as bad and depressing as people said. So, I was waiting for a scene and episode like this since the beginning.

The scene between Makishima and Akane was really well done. I wish Makishima had his eye on Akane instead of Kogami instead. Since that isn’t the case, I was happy about them having a meeting. I had really liked Yuki too.  So, because she was so likable it was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to make it. (Much like we’re all waiting for the other enforcers to get picked off one by one)

I’ve already seen people complaining about why Akane didn’t shoot him properly. Masaoka mentioned something earlier about having not seen any weapons that usual actual gun powder in awhile. So if he hasn’t seen a weapon like that shotgun in awhile, odds are Akane hasn’t either. So, FIRST of all she probably didn’t know there was such a strong kickback on it or that it would definitely require two hands in her case. Also, the gun she uses doesn’t seem like it requires as much precision. I was worried that even if she managed to shoot at them, she probably wouldn’t have been focusing that hard on aiming and might have hit her friend. So, I can’t blame her for missing. Not even a little.

(Holding onto the gun seemed important to. Everything she knows and has been taught by her workplace and by society is that you can’t escape the Sibyl system. She knows he’s committed or at the very least orchestrated crimes but his Criminal Coefficient comes up lower and lower. She has every right to be confused. She has to hold onto the gun because that’s all she knows. The gun is useless to her as it is but what can she do without it anyways? It’s what defends the people. It’s what justifies anything she does. And by letting go, she admits that the system is now flawed. The still system fails her and as a result, someone dear to her is killed. This is pretty much the message Makishima was talking about too but I’d like to look at the gun in the same way. Not so much as choice and freedom but in a way about dependency.)

The opening always seemed like Akane would become a latent criminal or something but I wonder if maybe Akane is like Makishima? There have been numerous comments about how her Psycho-Pass never seems to get cloudy. Maybe I just missed it where she was getting stressed. I think after seeing what she did and going through what she did, she’d probably be pretty screwed by now but her P-P will probably remain in the clear when the show returns. Kogami’s didn’t turn into a latent criminal until after the murder when he couldn’t let it go, right?

So then maybe Akane’s unraveling will go unnoticed by the system and she’ll slowly start to lose it as more and more terrible things start happening? I think that would be interesting even though I don’t really want to see that happen to Akane. Still, we all knew she was in for a ton of suffering when we signed up for this.

While Makishima was effective at what he did, I still think he’s kind of a boring villain. The kind fangirls are going to flock to. That kind of makes me dislike him just from the get go. Which is unfortunate.

The show finally gets good and it’s a two week break. Argh.

(Please correct me if I’m missing any details like their gun having a kickback or if Akane’s hue becomes cloudy at some point during the series so I can make touch ups to my theories)

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