Soul Eater #11

I’m not going to say anything about this episode. I have lots of fun writing about the episodes. Even in this one where I thought ti was generic shounen time. No, this transcended that. Surely it did. It’s the BGM. It blows me away. It’s so befitting for every song. The song in the backround where Tsubaki’s brother was asking her what her first words were and Black Star was defending Tsubaki after recalling how they met was so sad sounding, so sad I wanted to cry. The Liz and Patty part being the exception, the parts in the school with the rest of the gang was très boring. But Tsubaki was very badass and cool. I liked when she had a little bit of anger in her. Then when Black Star was being really, really cool by worrying about her and then when she cried, I was truly, truly happy that the battle didn’t last five episodes. Black Star and Tsubaki officially won my heart now.

I’m looking forward to see more about Soul’s past in the next episode and some more witches~

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