A Look Back at 2012 pt. 1

For the official record that nobody is keeping, here is the spread of the posts per month for 2012.

So, uh, that’s the kind of blogger I am.

It’s because of the 12 days thing which I actually got to participate in this year, even if I only remembered at the last minute. A lot of things factor into it. Like these three posts! I din’t watch that much this year, it seems. Still. It’s a bit much to stuff into one post so I’ll fit it into two. Not that it really matters, but I’m going alphabetically. I couldn’t think of a good way to organize them so that seemed like the easiest option. This list contains all the shows I finished this year, some as they aired and some older. And quite a few I’ve already talked a bit about already.

Another (post)

Another, Another, Another. It had glorious Akazawa and had ridiculous deaths a la Final Destination. It was both fun and painful to watch. It wasn’t painful because of the deaths or anything. Just the characters not telling him anything for five or so episodes and pretty much getting themselves into their whole mess. Too stupid to live indeed.

Black Rock Shooter (post)

I love Black Rock Shooter the music video. I love Black Rock Shooter the OVA. I think Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul is kind of cool. I don’t like the premise of Black Rock Shooter: The Game but I hope it’s released next year and I can play it. I hate the Black Rock Shooter anime so much though. Hands down, the most disappointing show for me this year.

Chihayafuru (post)

Josei show about poetry card games. I still can’t believe a show with such a ridiculous premise could be so wonderful and constantly put a smile on my face. I think the great cast makes it. Chihaya is so nice that it’s hard not be in a good mood when you watch. Heck, even my least favourite character (Taichi) was ok to watch. Waiting warmly for season two now. It’s so close.

Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi.

The first part of Utakoi was fabulous and I loved it. The second part was just too boring and with characters that it was hard to like as much as the first ones. Not even Yuu Kobayashi and her episode could save the second arc. There was a filler episode in the middle feauturing the first set of characters that was great though and easily my favourite episode. Not to mention the opening is divine and I really like ecosystem now.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Like Another had Akazawa, Chuu2Koi had Nibutani for me. Well, Chuu2koi also had Touka and Kumin. Rikka was cute but I didn’t like her as a protag. Her whole story and gag reminded me of a side character in an h-game. The Nerine or Sia of Shuffle kind of thing. It was melodramatic and it had some cool fight scenes but otherwise I’m thinking we won’t be talking about it much in awhile.

Fate Zero S2

One of my biggest regrets for the year is not having watched Fate Zero before going to Anime Expo. I think I would have appreciated a lot of stuff a lot more (though seeing Yuki Kaijura live was enough to satisfy me). I was bored and had just got the Crunchyroll app on my new PS3 and saw Fate Zero. For some reason I decided to watch the second season despite never getting past the second episode of the first season. Regardless, I still crumbled with each new, horrifying development as the Grail War came to a close. I should probably watch the whole thing one day but since just watching the second season made me want to stop living, I won’t ever.

Fruits Basket

This one I’m a bit ashamed to admit. I was, once again, bored. I was flipping through Netflix and I thought I would try this just for giggles. I actually really liked it. I’m disappointed that it didn’t end the same as the manga (which I promptly read the entire thing on my iPad a few nights later at the cost of four or five hours) but it was cute enough. I liked Tohru. I just like most shoujo heroines. I don’t know. Tohru was so cute though. It always shocks me when people don’t like her. You bad, bad people.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (post)

Wow two shows I was loathe to admit I liked in a row. Well actually I loved FMA:B. I finished it around the same time as the Right Stuf 12 Days sale so I got the BD collection for a steal so perhaps I’ll be rewatching this in the near future.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

After finishing FMA:B I thought, “Let’s watch this! That’s a good idea!” It was not a good idea. It was terrible, forgettable and boring. Julia was insufferable. I sorely regret wasting my time on this.

Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

BUT if we wanna talk about terrible movies well we have just the worst possible one you could ask for right here! I’ve complained time and time and time again about otome game adaptions. But you know what’s worse than any old otome game adaption? An adaption made into a movie. I like the Heart no Kuni manga (the main one published by TP, I haven’t started the individual story ones) a lot so I was excited to see this. Did not expect KugiRie as Alice. Did not expect and did not want. Now Tokyopop didn’t publish the last volume so I am missing a volume of stuff but I had absolutely no idea what the hell was happening 99% of the time. I still don’t get why Blood is likable at all so maybe I’m still missing something. Seriously, this movie was absolute garbage.

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