12 Days of Anime: #10 – Now Kiss

Who doesn’t like Steins;Gate? I’m sure there are people. Maybe there are even people who watch Chaos;Head or Robotics;Notes and liked them better than Steins;Gate. The world is weird and I’ll never understand people’s tastes. I rewatched S;G a few months ago even!

Poriomania, however, came out this year and it was really good so let’s talk about that instead. Another OVA full of moments that made it hard to choose. Moeka being cute, Okabe at the airport (and that ridiculous engrish), Suzuha’s mom showing up (and not clashing with her canon design is pretty cool too), Kurisu’s 4koma like reacting to everybody in her house, Maid Kurisu, etc. The list could go on forever.

If I had to pick an example of a perfect OVA it would be this one. S;G ended fine (Kurisu’s “I’m not Christina” line was all I needed) but this adds to the ending. You can live without seeing it and not miss anything or you can watch it and have the ending a little more defined. But, and I’m sure everybody has seen it can back this up, it does end at the worst possible moment and though the scene leading up to the ending is so nice, it still comes off as a little unsatisfactory.


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