Princess Ressurection GN 3

It’s a little unusual for me to be doing a review on anything really. But a manga seems so much more less likely. Oh well. It’s not my fault I became observant of publishers, prices and princesses. Hmm… Although when I was at this omega-awesome store with like the most manga I’ve EVER seen I kinda wish I would have had the sense to go looking for the first volume of Gosick or the second volume of Hibiki’s Magic. I guess I’ll have to do with the third volumes of this and the Shakugan no Shana manga.

Chapter eleven (Princess Attrition) starts off with a school girl complaining about how late she is as she tries to make it home. However a ‘creep’ gets in the way and constantly blocks her path. She threatens to call the police but her fate is left unknown. The next day at school Rieri and a classmate of hers and Hiro are having a special ‘ritual’ where the classmate lefts Rieri suck on the blood from her finger. Rieri comments that the creep might be a mummy after hearing it’s description from their classmate (Hiro, however, points in her direction). The classmate comments that if the creep were a mummy that Rieri would probably be a vampire. Rieri comments that she is only licking the girl’s already there blood and not biting her. The classmate girl thinks Rieri is joking. After school, Rieri asks Hiro what it was like to taste Hime’s royal blood. Before Hiro can respond, the creep appears behind him claiming he has found the blood warrior. When Hiro returns to the mansion he tells this to Hime (who is sick, by the way). She too guesses he is a mummy and predicts that the mummy is a scout for the pharaoh and that the pharaohs army will come tonight. Sure enough the mummies of the pharaohs army come to the mansion. At first Riza and Hime hold them off with bottle bombs but it starts to rain and the fire bombs are put out because of the rain.

So, the mummies start to break into the house. They’re weak and easy except that there are so many of them so Riza beats them up pretty easy (Flandre even gets a fire bomb in but is reprimanded by Hime with ‘Flandre, no fire in the house’). They continue to fight the endless swarms of mummies (Riza with her giant claws, Hiro with an axe and Flandre with a jack hammer. A sick Hime goes to sleep after telling Hiro that as her blood warrior her life is in his hands and he has to protect her. Hiro goes into his blood warrior mode and surprises Riza by fighting the mummies even as he continues to get injured. By the morning all the mummies are taken care of and the only fighter left standing is Flandre (hooba~). Hime wakes up and goes out to the front yard and calls out the pharaoh. She commends him for staying around even though all his soldiers were killed. Hime easily rips the dead freak in two with some short but sweet dual chainsaw action. Later, Sawawa is there taking care of Hiro and wondering why she got a night off and then when she returned the mansion was full of trash and Hiro was sick. She also gives Hiro the medal she found on his dresser in his room. He’s astonished when he gets it because it’s no doubt from Hime (I didn’t actually get that medal part, was it really from Hime. Like for doing a good job as a blood warrior?)

The twelfth chapter starts in the middle of a race between Riza on her bike, Hime in her truck and the headless horsemen. Riza proclaims that she’ll see who’s the faster of the two, her or the headless horsemen while Hime comments that a race is funner with more contestants. We’re then taken back to the start of this scenario. Hime is taking her tea on the veranda when Riza drives up all battered and bruised on her motorcycle. Then Riza is inside being bandaged up by nurse Flandre and explains what happened. She tells everyone about a headless knight who knocked her and her bike over. Apparently he had been doing it to other riders too. Hime explains that he usually comes out to play around and will only go away when he finds someone faster (to which Hime points out that Riza is always calling herself the fastest rider around and makes her angry). Riza exclaims that she won’t let him get away with humiliating her like he did. The next scene is of Rieri and Zeppeli at the Sasanaki Hospital again. Zeppeli shows Rieri a strange object. She calls him a troublemaker and he simply states that he loves art. The next day Hiro returns to the mansion only to have Sawawa tell him to go to the store to pick up some fukujinzuke (did I spell that right?) for curry. Hiro says he doesn’t mind because her curry is so good. As he is walking along he is sent flying by the headless horsemen and Riza who is following him close behind.

Hiro ends up at the hospital with Zeppeli who comments that Hiro is becoming a regular there. Meanwhile, back with Riza and the horsemen, Riza catches up but is surprised when Hime and Flandre come out of the forest in their large truck. This is where the chapter started. Rieri is watching from the sky as the three of them chase after the headless horsemen. Riza is stabbed in the arm and flies off her bike so Hime stops the truck to go see if she is okay. The horsemen gets away and Hime comments that he didn’t have his head so he hasn’t been playing around the whole time but rather looking for his missing head. Rieri overhears them and contemplates what she should do. Back at Sasanaki hospital, Zeppeli tries to give Hiro the headless horseman’s head as a sign of friendship. Rieri comes to the window and warns Hiro that he is being tricked and calls Zeppeli on trying to give the head off to someone else because the horsemen is looking for whoever took his head. Zeppeli tries to say that he isn’t that way at all but the two are already gone. Now Hime is chasing the horsemen again. Riza comes out of the back of the truck when they are close enough to him and Hime throws her the freshly delivered head. Riza plunks it back on his body and the horsemen rides off into the night, finally settled. Riza states that she is now finally the fastest again. Everyone returns home for Sawawa’s curry (Hiro enjoys it even though his sister nags him for not brining the pickles back like she’d originally asked).

Chapter Thirteen (Princess Monochrome) begins with Franciska (<3) and Sherwood (<333) at the zoo. They’re looking over at the ‘corpse’ of Ryu-Ryu. For being in the cage, Sherwood is kicked out and Franciska hooba’s her doubts about what they’re going to do. But Sherwood has no worries.

At Hime’s mansion, Hime tells Hiro to take a statue of a bird (Sawawa thinks it’s a chicken) to Sherwood who moved into her mansion on a hill at the edge of town (which makes Hiro wonder if all princesses like high places). Flandre gives him a map and he sets off. As Hiro walks towards Sherwood’s new mansion with her house-warming gift Riza (who is giving a GAR speech to the stray dogs in the neighborhood about what to do if the animal-control guys comes again) and Hime both notices bats flying in the daytime randomly. At night, Ryu-Ryu breaks from the zoo and starts of towards Sherwood’s. Riza comments that she’s being watched by Rieri and Hime wonders why the vampire would do something like that (simply because the manga has more yuri overtones than the anime did… so I’ve heard). Ryu-Ryu continues to stagger through Sasanaki when he remembers what Sherwood says about him. At Sherwood’s mansion, Rieri appears and tries to ‘warn’ her about the bats coming after her. But it’s too late and they followed Rieri to Sherwood. Hiro, on his way still to Sherwood, runs into Ryu-Ryu who is too looking for Sherwood. At Sherwood’s Franciska is fighting the bat creatures. Sherwood tries to fight but her robo-maid hooba’s her and tells her to stand back safely and give orders (which, if you know Sherwood, is no problem). Rieri leaves and Franciska continues to fight. Ryu-Ryu jumps in the way of Sherwood and Franciska’s blindspot where they would have gotten hurt. Hiro arrives as the panda rips apart the groups of disgutsting bats. But he is sent flying and the head of the bird goes flying off. Hiro says that he’ll leave because the present got wrecked when a strange feeling washes over him. Sherwood says that Hime is in trouble and if Hime dies then Hiro will die for good. She says that he should become her blood warrior so that he won’t die and that he will become strong. Hiro doesn’t stay around to hear the rest of what Sherwood has to say and is going into serious mode to protect Hime. However he finds Hime, Flandre and Riza have already taken care of the bats (in what might be the bloodiest scene of all the volumes so far). Hime says they figured out what happened and was in alliance with Sherwood so they came to fight the bats themselves. The next day, Hiro returns to Sherwood’s with a slightly smaller and less broken present. He notices that there are three panda’s now and Sherwood explains that is because at the zoo Ryu-Ryu had two blood brothers and they made a pact to stay together (their scene in the back with swords was priceless).

Even on Hime’s boat, Hime does not wear a bathing suit. Still her black garb. Chapter Fourteen (Princess Ocean) starts off on their boat. Riza is tanning, Hime is reading and Hiro is fishing. Riza sees an SOS signal and questions Hime what to do about it. We soon see a another ship trying to respond to the SOS but they are taken down when a large boat appears out of nowhere. Hime and co. Manage to get onto the big ship before theirs goes to the bottom of the ship. Riza and her superb dog-hearing hears a flute being played somewhere on the ship and they decide to look around. But what should attack them? But zombies of course! (actually, they’re just spirits but y’know… w/e). Riza is blind-sided but saved by another werewolf who was fishing and ended on the ship too. He is Keziah Bold. Keziah finds them something to eat and they make a little fire on top of the ship. Again they hear the ship and question if there are other survivors on the ship too. Hime deduces that it is a mermaid and they will go look for her. The little loli mermaid (who looked so like Rika Furude that I had to show my sister and see if she saw her too) is playing a flute and sitting looking at the ocean. The group runs into some more zombies as they look for the loli, Hiro even went into serious blood warrior mode. They find the loli and she runs into Hime’s arms for the sweetest moment in the whole series. But the others question why she has feet and wonder if she was wrong about her being a mermaid.

Hime explains that she exchanged her voice to become a human and was trapped on the big ship. She could only use her flute to call ships but were all destroyed when they tried to come and help her, which made the spirits on the ship happy because more were joining them. Keziah vows to help her escape but of course the zombies don’t want this to happen. Keziah hands the loli mermaid off to Riza when they discover the singular main body of the spirits. Keziah disappears onto the ship to go get it explosives and turns out, as they always are, to be the bad guy working for Hime’s brother. Keziah starts to blow the ship up as Riza and Hiro become cornered. Hime appears on the chandelier of the room they are in and cuts it so it falls onto the monster shark spirit body. Hime goes to the cute loli and explains that she probably became a human so that she could be with her loved one (this is when a spirit orb flies to the loli) and was using her flute to comfort them. Hime figures out that Keziah was sent for the mermiad specifically (damn, Hime knows everything!) and asks him who. But behind Keziah falls a piece of debris and the little mermaid (HA!) cries out for him to move. Something goes on and I’m not sure what (if the mermaid speaks then she must return to the water or what?) and the loli goes flying into the ocean. Luckily, she is caught by Hime’s brother who makes her semi-immortal. Hime tells him she has no intentions of claiming the throne but will not die because of that. It’s also revealed that Hime’s name is actually Lillianne (I thought it was Lillian). The loli mermaid calls Hime and the others a ship as Keziah, Emil (Hime’s brother) and the loli all set off on the most gigantic hooba robot ever.

The preview for the next episode has some fun looking kinky princess bsdm going on apparently. The little tap that drew blood looked painful. Is that Hime? Because that would be fine too. I don’t know but it makes me look forward to the next episode. Oh yeah, strong yuri overtones is good too.

The highlights of this volume were more Sherwood and Franciska and the facial expressions in the series always get me. I’m hoping we see more loli mermaid because she was cute. But Emil doesn’t seem so bad, I mean he saved her right off the bat. Even if that makes him seem like a creepy lolicon. I didn’t much care for all the Riza in this volume but that was okay. Lots of parts were confusing too. So far, I like all the volumes equally. I think it’s time I watched the anime series for real now. Hahaha. Now when does the third volume come out and what colour will it be? (My bet is green~)


  • gerard

    February 9, 2009

    hellow, can u send me the mannga of whole chapter 1.2.34, etc, please cause im looking this stuff all over i just want to read it please send it to my mail thanks.

  • Fang-tan

    February 13, 2009

    I’m sorry but I own the volumes and I think the group who used to translate them stopped.

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