[m3-30] Polo Rockers – Imitation

Album Name: イミテーション
Artist/Circle: Polo Rockers
Release Date: 10/28/12
Website: —

  1. In Paradiso
    To be honest seeing Haruka Shimotsuki on this album was the biggest surprise. Since I saw Rozen Maiden before I learned about the doujin music scene, I always think of her as a really big name. Well I guess she kind of is regardless. She’s great, after all.  Kind of short (at 2 mins) intro track that’s very jazzy. That part doesn’t exactly scream Ib but the music box parts help that out.
  2. コレッリ・ラ・フォリア
    I liked the music in Ib when I played it but there wasn’t that much if I recall correctly. So I thought it was weird there was an arrange album hey I’m not complaining.  Nice track lead by a violin and piano backing. Runs a bit long for what it is. Especially compared to some other tracks which are far better.
  3. Preludio en Do menor
    Such as this one. The original was probably my favourite track from Ib.  There’s something about this that manages to capture the essence and atmosphere of the game perfectly. The eeriness and uneasiness that you get during some parts is done perfectly. The faint vocals really help.
  4. 袋小路
    I think there was a track with spanish guitar backing in the original? So then this one makes sense. It’s a really simple song but the arrangement in it so great. By the end of the song, there’s quite a build up of tension and emotion.
  5. ??? of the world’s
    Despite the build up at the beginning, this one almost seems a little out of place. In comparison with the game and the album.
  6. さよならのかわりに
    Another track with Haruka Shimotsuki.  I like her vocals in the first track better. They seem a little odd here. The chorus is great though the song isn’t as nice as the first. Pleasant, just lacking in feeling regaridng the game.
  7. 旅立ち
    Similar to track four but without the build up that makes that song so enjoyable. Unfortunately, it runs longer than that one too.
  8. 偽りの回廊
    Nice piano only track to finish it off. Invoking one of the good endings in mind, possibly.

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