Binbougami ga! Final Impressions

Yet another show that I watched an episode of and never continued but once again randomly picked up on a whim.

My favourite comparison to make with Binbougami ga is Panty and Stocking (with the girlish crudeness of Seitokai Yakuindomo). Ichiko is a lot like Panty (except without the whole being a giant slut thing) in that their both bitches through and through. That doesn’t change. Ichiko has a terrible personality from beginning to end but opens up to others, shows she has a heart and does good things for a select few.

It’s those episodes that really shone for me. There was some wonderful art direction in the dramatic scenes that were scattered throughout the series. Not to say the whole series didn’t look ok though.

The last two episodes were kind of odd. In 12 you can kind of feel like Ichiko and it seems like a trick so by the time it’s revealed that Momiji is genuinely that way and that she might die for real, it’s kind of like “oh” and doesn’t have much of an impact. Still that timid Momiji was adorable. Heck, regular Momiji with her hair down was just as adorable.

I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more of an emphasis on the parallel between Ichiko and Ranmaru’s current friendship and her past relationship. It seemed like she “like” liked Tsuwabaki as well. I realized after finishing though that she probably really didn’t so I wasn’t that disappointed. I just thought it was interesting during the scene after seeing her flashback and her becoming friends with Ranmaru.

Something I really enjoyed was the sound. Well, in two different ways. For one the ED was fantastic. The song itself is ok but the visuals are exemplary classy fanservice. The colours and costumes used are all really appealing. I  always watched the ED after each episode. Another was the voice actresses for Ichiko and Momiji. I hadn’t realized Ichiko was HanaKana until like episode four or so. It was a great change from what it is normally expected from her. Uchiyama Yumi did a fantastic job as Momiji. Her being able to change to so many different tones and voices was apart of what made Momiji’s character funny.

All in all I was fairly entertained by Binbougami ga. It managed to make me laugh a lot more than I thought through it’s crudeness or being by being completely over the top. The fake second season preview hurts though because it really did look interesting and I would love to watch another season but it’s unlikely that’ll ever happen, will it?

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