People called these young women ‘strike witches’

Regardless of Gonzo doing the CR/YT thing, I still managed to find this elsewhere. I was worried. But y’know. So now we wait. The battle for supreme mecha girl anime is on, Sky Girls.
(tl;dr, illogical rant ahead)

Unlike in Sky Girls, the baddies in this series seem a little more threatening that the WORMs in Sky Girls. That might make this series step away from the slice of life feel then Sky Girls had. But for serious, the op song ‘Strike Witches’ does not compare to the ultimate win of ‘Virgin’s High’. Actually, it’s painfully generic.

One thing I noticed and disliked was how the ecchi took away from the seriousness of the fights. That’s something that seperates it from Sky Girls right off the bat.

Actually, you know what, I’m sorry for comparing the two. Sky Girls was a great series, despite the flaws of it’s action slice-of-life style that just didn’t work for me and the longevity. This series is garbage. I don’t know what I saw in the OVA but this is just rubbish. Fanservice wrapped in melo-dramatics wrapped in pedo-bait.

Also, I cannot stand characters like Yoshika for main characters. Nobody starts off strong. Fuck that. You have to start off weak and scared and unprepared. You need to develop into something strong. I’m sick of ‘I must be strong!’ to ‘OH NO, I was careless because I need to get stronger and now my partner got injured’ to whatever the hell comes after. Now, a Simon-esque hero… give me an anime that has someone like that in it and I’ll be happy.

Is it really necessary to not wear pants everywhere? I mean, jesus. Am I going to have to slap a bitch at Gonzo? I think I will. Now if a company like Gainax was producing this… might be watchable.

Also, again ranting about how much I hate fat ass Yoshika, what the fuck is her logic? The logic of her people? War is war when it’s against other human beings. When malicious contempt is the fuel for their actions. When their concious of their actions, knowing that what they’re doing goes against human moral! How can space monster demon thingies possibly be in war? Has the military seen their consciousness? Or are they mindless, pointless villains bent on destruction? Then wouldn’t it be instead like fighting a virus that is killing people in huge epidemics? If the monsters have no regret for what they are doing, unaware of what they are doing, do not wish to stop what they’re doing, WANT to keep doing what they’re doing, killing people and destroying countries whole then… how can you possibly have regrets about entering a fight with them? How can you possibly call it a war?

Although, I understand Yoshika’s reasoning. The ‘war’ killed her father. However, seeing as it is just a fight between humans fighting for ALL humans against mindless killing machines wouldn’t she feel better avenging her father?

I do kinda like Sakamoto. I saw her at first as the cliched Setsuna type popular character. However, she does things that are kinda out of that character class. Especially when she hit Yoshika. I kept playing that part over and over and over.

I love how many stars are in this cast. It’s nice to have Rie Tanaka and Miyuki Sawashiro working together again. Especially because Sawashiro has her Shinku voice on. She plays my beloved Perrine, if you must know. Rie Tanaka plays Minna-Dietlinde. Also, Mie Sonozaki is there. I love her, y’know? She was Claves in Eternal Sonata. Chiwa Saito plays March (my favorite character) in Eternal Sonata. She’s there too. There are a few other big names there too Ami Koshimizu, Mai Nakahara, Mai Kadowaki and Saeko Chiba. But I’m most happy about Suigintou and Shinku’s seiyuu’s being back in a series I bothered watching again. Oh how I miss Rozen Maiden.

Hmmm… I’ll give this series a second chance. But if it fails me again…


  • gangrelion

    July 7, 2008

    That is it! The Magical eye was a so lame for me. Lucky you have a screenshot of it!

  • Mashita

    August 21, 2008

    I am pretty irritated by this post. Even though everybody have diffrent ideas about things, I still think you went overboard.

    First of all, okay, I agree, Yoshika should not have started strong, but anyway, she is still weak so far as I have watched, now I’m at episode 8 for your information.

    Second, if you had researched more into this, you would not have though, “Oh, why the Hell do they not wear pants and show their panties.”. According to the laws of physics, air resistance would have ripped off their pants, if they wore one, when flight, and also, it was explained that the witches need more skin contact with their strikes to power it up because it runs on magic.

    Third, the Neroi’s a.k.a. your space aliens, are unknown space monsters destroying Earth. Since their technology was far more better than the earthlings, they can just hide when they want to, and they can attack if they want to. The Strike Witches just stops them from causing more destruction to Earth by killing them off one by one, is that a crime?!

    Forth, avenging her father?! Are you nuts?! Shows that show people avenging their loved ones are worse than garbage! I belive that protecting a whole world of mankind is so much better than avenging a single person who is like a single bacteria in a pile of elephant shit.

    Fifth, you clam you love the seiyuu’s in this anime. But guess what? You still insulted the characters your beloved seiyuu’s potrayed. It still shows you have no appreciation to the seiyuu’s.

    I still have to thank you for posting what you think about Strike Witches, but I hope you won’t used such harsh words again.

  • Fang-tan

    August 21, 2008

    I had no problem with the no pants thing. I understood very well that they wouldn’t wear pants. It would be impossible. I was just complaining about excessive view we were given at any second.
    And I never meant that she should fight to avenge her father but rather that she should consider that if she fought she could fight in her fathers name. If she loved him so much wouldn’t she want to fight to stop others from feeling the way she did when he died?
    When the series ends I’ll marathon the series. If it changes and isn’t so fan service heavy then I’ll take back what I’ve said and clarify in a entry. Apologizing for my harshness. I just suppose the series had not lived up to my expectations. But I was rather hard on it.

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