Happy Valentine’s! (aka Pixiv Shipping Masterpost)

Ah,Valentine’s. It is… a day. A day where you’re supposed to be lovey dovey or whatever. Well, if you feel like celebrating somehow, have I got a present for you! I have a lot of pixiv tags saved up becuase I spend a LOT of time on pixiv, of course.

to say the least

(These are obviously not direct translations of the tags and a lot go by portmanteau ship names but it’s a lot easier to search through this way AND there are alternative versions of tags, so these are just the ones I happen to use)

So, I’ve decided to share one of my tag lists today. Since it is a day for love, obviously it’s the shipping one.

Since someone asked before, I use a desktop version of QuickFox Notes to maintain my various lists. I used to use FireFox and that’s when I started compiling tags I often visited. Eventually, I stopped using Firefox but a desktop version was still available. I recommend it for something like this since it remembers where you left off on each page, saves automatically and you can even have it backup your notes. It’s a really handy program and I could not live without it now.

But anyways, moving on. Here’s an actual version of the list, in case you want to browse them later at your own discretion. The version in this post has some stuff I added at the last minute so that other file is a bit outdated even now. Furthermore, I’ve bulked up the lists posted here as well as organized them better than mine are. Basically I went through a lot of trouble for something really silly.


Pokemon 1/ Video Games/Vocaloid:

Anime/Manga 4:


  1. Sorry for the mix of English and Japanese official names. I always use what I prefer to call them so it might look weird.
  2. The ライコト tag is exclusively Kotone/Silver but is only a few pages long and you’ll find tons more in the general femrival tag I listed
  3. Alternative: ルカミク
  4. Organized by series title
  5. Alternatively, 夜星 though both tags are unfortunately very scarce
  6. Uh…

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