Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 17

I should say, first off, that I really, really didn’t want to even listen to this. It’s one of those releases. You may also notice I never went back and changed the info in the last SATB post. Uh, yeah. I guess I didn’t. “Well, Fang-tan,” you might say, “if you hate these SATB releases so much now, why are you still doing this?” Really? I don’t know. It’s just been something that’s gone on for so long that I feel obligated to do it. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few tracks I enjoy ever release or so but this one… this one… ugh. Oh, Ju Ayakura. Why did you have to do the cover art for such a bad album?

Album Name: Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 17
Artist/Circle: EXIT TUNES (Quake Records)
Release Date: 01/02/13
Website: http://9819.jp/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00257.html

  1. 君にまつわるミステリー
    I’m as confused by this track list as much as I hate it. Surely they would have had time for at least one Chuu2Koi track, right? No? Well maybe next time. That seems right up their alley. Instead we get the Hyouka ED. I’ve never been a fan of the original despite how cute the ED actually is but this version wasn’t that bad. Booing Day’s arrange is pretty solid and catchy to listen to. mi-mi and Sayuri also sound really good together.
  2. Q&Aリサイタル!
    The original of this is really catchy but I didn’t think it would really translate well into a remix like this. Especially with Hommarju doing it. It’s a bit of shame that they did a song like this but it didn’t come out as good as it could have. The intro drags out a bit too long and the whole thing doesn’t fit the vocals very well whereas the original is focused on that. Vocalist is maburu-choko who is a name I don’t think I’ve seen before? I can’t really tell if I like her vocals or not. They sound kind of toned down in here, like they were distorted or something.
    Booing Day and YURiE seems like a safe bet, yeah? Well, YURiE’s loud, clear vocals are nice to hear. Likewise, so is Booing Day after Homarju’s uninspired previous track.
  4. 未完成ストライド
    Another Hyouka track? Kind of a weird series to focus on for them, if you ask me. Well it’s Icon and I’ve loved me some Icon tracks in the past. This one is really good as well. It sounds a lot livelier and interesting than the previous tracks. Latte does an excellent job too. I think past-me would be loathe to say that but she’s one of the better vocalists now for sure.
  5. 君が夢を連れてきた
    I just mean if they could do so many Sakurasou tracks they really could have done some Chuu2Koi? Or not generic romcom trash and maybe something from one of the other billion interesting shows with good music that aired between the spring and fall seasons?
  6. ファールプレーにくらり
    Instead, have a To LOVE ED. To be fair, this is actually a pretty decent track. R.Cena does really good in place of Kanon Wakeshima and Disco da gama’s track is cute, bouncy and fun. I think that’s a lot for something I expected to be completely lackluster.
    Yusuke sounds really bad here. Maybe it’s just comparing him to Suneohair but sheesh. The chorus isn’t so bad but there are a lot of parts that just don’t sound good. I originally didn’t like the track that much but the parts with piano accompanying it were pretty good, I guess.
  8. LIFEる IS LOVEる!!
    Well we needed this generic seiyuu song, of course. Not even MK can do much with this. maburu-choko returns and I don’t dislike her voice so I guess that means it’s not terrible? She and SAYURI do sound pretty good together, I suppose.
    Another OniAi song with MK. This one actually is pretty ok though. KANA is the vocals and she does a good job even if her voice isn’t as clear and demanding as YURiE or even Latte’s is.
    Well this was really a surprise. The intro starts off like any but then the track slows down completely to have just MFMW and a piano accompaniment. Then it picks back up. I would say that MFMW’s breathy and dulcet voice for this track aren’t really fitting but the song breaks down a couple times so it’s just her and the piano and it sounds a lot nicer than I though.
    I was a little put off by yumemi’s wobbly vocals at first but then the guy started and I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not. (Actually, yumemi sounds really familiar. Does anybody know what other alias’s she might go by? It’s going to drive me insane.) yumemi sounds a lot better after the intro and sounds good with る~と though he doesn’t really do that much.
  12. CHOOSE ME ダーリン
    Well, it doesn’t sound bad. Natsuhi and R.Cena sound good together.
  13. ユメセカイ
    CDJapan listed Crossing Field and I think that would have been more interesting but hey whatever I guess. R.Cena sounds really good here too. I was surprised it was her when I looked at the track list? (Although I’m paranoid that these listings are wrong too) Surprised about the general lack of Sword Art Online songs. Is the next album going to have a them and Chuu2Koi songs? I mean, maybe I just overestimated how catchy Sparkling Daydream really was…
    Flash back Dominant’s track is pretty nice from the get go. Latte returns and still sounds good. Unfortunately, despite both of these things the song isn’t as remarkable as you’d hope. I mean the mix itself is actually really cool. Just the two of them together doesn’t sound very interesting as a result.
  15. 満開*スマイル!
    Another Smile Precure song? Though I do wish they would have done the first ED rather than the second. 慧 is the vocalist and she just doesn’t sound… Precure-y enough. Not cute enough? Eh…
  16. シグナルグラフ
    Well it’s pretty hard to compare to Annabel, Nahoko does a really good job. I couldn’t tell the difference at first to be honest… Her vocals are kind of faint against the music sound it sounds off until the chorus though.
  17. 夢ぐも
    I would have went with a cutesier vocalist for a Hidasketch song but YURiE does just fine, I guess. I was happy when I saw this was Icon because there a few little things that I noticed and liked about this track and it wasn’t so surprising when I saw it was him.
    Well I guess Bakuman is an interesting choice. Vocalists are maburu-choko and puchi and they sound great together. Like really. The parts where they sang together were fantastic. Really welcoming maburu-choko so far.
  19. もしもの話
    I guess this track was a bit more fitting for 慧 than her previous one.  There’s something likable about her voice here. The slow down of the chorus really helps.

Fang’s Rating:


Terrible tracklist made for a boring listen. Nothing particularly stood out for me at all, really.
Recommended tracks: 18


  • badru

    February 10, 2013

    Eh seriously 1 Star? I think thats a bit harsh. I can agree that this album has rather meh tracklist. But they made it quite good anyway. I could give this album 2.5 or 3 star rating. For me, beside track 18, I also like track 9 and 13.
    Anyway, thank you for the review.

  • Fang-tan

    February 10, 2013

    It’s just looking back, I couldn’t see anything I really liked from it. It was decent I guess just not memorable or anything at all.

  • Diziyyuki

    February 10, 2013

    I’ve been trying to figure out Yumemi’s CV for a long time! Nothing shows up, not even the youtube channel where I found R.Cena, hideki’s, and puchi’s vocalists.

    But on another note, I thought this album was okay. I honestly would give it a 3 out of 5. Tracks I liked were 1, 10, 17 & 19

  • Diziyyuki

    February 10, 2013

    i meant 16 not 17. Only because Nahoko fanboy-ism.

  • MelancholyArtist

    February 11, 2013

    Maybe the track list is not THAT awesome and I agree with you not memorable at all but the arrangements in FRIENDSHIP are cool and it is fun to listen to at some point =)

  • Diziyyuki

    February 14, 2013

    Found a music video featuring “puchi”


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