It’s magically delicous!

What the hell? Chocolate Underground has been airing this whole time? See, when the blogging community doesn’t cover these things I don’t know. I would have know Zero no Tsukaima was on if I didn’t look around either. I’m going to look and see which blogs are covering Chocolate Underground and devote my time to them and hope for forgiveness for not visiting them enough! But for now, how about a few thoughts on Chocolate Underground?

Britannica, you can take Japan but if you take my cake…!

The episodes are incredibly short. Even shorter than Penguin Girl. But there’s a really cute song at the end, I really want to know about it or have a full version. But I doubt it’ll be easy to find.

Also, Louise is very cute. Very, very cute.

The premise of just chocolate being banned was kinda silly. But once it’s shown that not only chocolate but breads and cakes too were banned… well. Now that just seems really silly but not silly on behalf of the story but on the government that is so serious about it (i.e blowing the building up because of a chocolate bar). Sugar, honey, vanilla… don’t we learn in school that a little bit of sweets are apart of a healthy balanced diet? (no we don’t do we)

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