A few weeks ago, the subject of dakimakuras happened to come up (as it is apt to do). I started looking at dakis when I happened across a Hina Kagiyama one that I hadn’t seen before (I believe the daki only first appeared at an event in January because I didn’t see any mention of it prior to that). I think I’ve made my Hina love abundantly clear so it was obvious that I was very excited. I was at first lead to Otaku Republic who wanted $100 for it! Obviously that was a bit out of my range at the moment. Still, a not lewd Hina daki? My interest was at an all time high.

How could I resist?

A quick reverse-image search on Google brought me to another site. Yumemiyasan. Well, here only listed the same daki for 5000yen! I was disappointed that she was so cheap but out of my reach. With free shipping too? Well, I knew that wasn’t to here but… I don’t remember what lead me to try anyways. Determination? I’ve done enough online shopping for various otaku goods to know shipping to here is either impossible or costly and yet…

A miracle. Yumemiyasan, despite being a simple doujin group, did ship international! To anywhere! And still had free shipping? My excitement was quickly replaced with suspicion and doubt. Surely, I thought, this was too good to be true. I would get ripped off and be out $50. And yet… in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder. What if I really could have this adorable Hina dakimakura? Was it worth the risk?


I ordered the daki. It was risky. If I didn’t receive it, I learned a lesson about trust and waifus. A lesson I could never forget. If I did get it? Praise be, what a wonderful doujin group this would be.

My cats enjoy her too…

Now, I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this post if I hadn’t recieved it and if you follow me on twitter it’s likely you saw that I received it. Yes, Yumemiyasan is just that amazing. I ordered the daki on the 5th and it arrived on the 12th and even emailed to check in and ask for a reply on the 13th to make sure that I had gotten it. They also included a small phone charm daki of one of their original characters for free (the package listed the total price at 5500yen but I still only paid 5000).

Since at the time when I ordered I had to do so out of hope, I want to spread the word that it’s a reliable place to order from. So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Yumemiyasan and will likely shop from them again.

Alternatively, a tiny cat dakimakura

So now that I’ve sung this doujin group’s praises as much as I can, what do they even make and sell? Well Touhou dakimakura’s for one. All of them have their naughty bits covered though. Some of you might be like “oh” and lose interest there but for those like me (well I personally just always find lewd dakis to be so ridiculous looking and not to mention I still live at home), this is a good thing. The art for each daki is done by a different person so the art quality and lewdness depend on each artist. My Hina daki, for instance, was done by Nagomi no Ame.

You can also get oppai mousepads, iphone cases, psp cases, bed sheets and tiny dakimakura keychains of some of the dakimakura images. Some. A lot of those are limited though I think it wouldn’t be impossible to get a hold of them and request those items with one of their existing images. That being said, you can order your own custom daki of a any character (Touhou, anime, original, etc) though it starts at about 140000yen and probably not recommended if you can’t communicate with them fluently.

They're actually really cute

They also have a few original dakimakuras based on original characters. Well, kind of original. They’re all actually based on myths. Right now there are Zeus, Loki, Odin and Valkyrie covers available. My mini daki they sent was actually Zeus.

So there you go. Yumemiyasan is great and you should go shop there right now.

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