Help Get A Shin Sekai Yori Novel Translation!

Apparently this was posted over a month ago but I only found out about it through crunchyroll now, unfortunately. Had I known sooner I would have tried to campaign for this longer. Well actually, I only got caught up on Shin Sekai Yori a few weeks ago but that is a minor detail. Actually, I had started my final impressions post and had tried to find any news about the translation and publishing over here and didn’t see anything on this either.

Vertical Inc. recently licensed the Shin Sekai Yori manga (lewd) and answered an ask about whether they considered doing the novel. The response was:

I am currently in the process of reading it and our Editor-in-Chief who is our novels guru has enjoyed the book. But length of that book, it is three thick thick volumes, makes it a little scary for us as we tend to avoid serialized novel releases (we prefer one-shots).

Please purchase Crimson Labyrinth (Mr Kishi’s other novel) or repost/like this post to let him know there is an audience for the title. Ideally we’d need 4.5K to make this work.

Really, 4.5k isn’t that much when you think about it. Unfortunately you can’t reblog an ask so for it to get to that point it’s going to take a lot of people to like that post. While that doesn’t guarantee anything, it still helps show interest.

Alternatively, you can purchase the aforementioned Crimson Labyrinth. I had looked it up while working on that SSY post and it seemed pretty interesting so it might be worth checking out now (especially if it helps us get the SSY novel). When the manga comes out (or even preorder it as soon as possible), try and support that too. I can’t say I’m particularly interested in it since it seems to play up a lot of scenes for fan service but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

So spread the word and give the page a like!

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