V.A – Through The Lyrical-Glass

Album Name: Honpo Fullkawa respect album “Through the Lyrical-Glass”
Artist/Circle: V.A (listed on site)
Release Date: 04/28/2012
Website: http://lyricalglass.iza-yoi.net/

  1. さよならマジカント~「ムーンサイドへようこそ」返答曲
    A nice intro track that’s really melodic and flighty feeling. There aren’t any vocals but foolen says goodbye at the beginning which kind of sets you up for a more subdued song. Instead you get this whimsical piece. 
  2. ピアノ・レッスン pianos arr.
    Again, seeing it was a piano arrangement I didn’t expect this. There really isn’t a heavy emphasis on piano at all. It’s blended in so well with everything else going on. Chie Fukami is the vocals and I believe also the arranger of the song? I’ve heard her all over the place since she does a lot of doujin stuff but I was a little iffy on her here. I was sold by the end though since she does a good job sounding as dreamy as the rest of the song.
  3. 三月は夜の底 itikuraRimix
    I had trouble finding much about the vocalist for this track. Something about her voice was just so unique. Maybe she’s an utaite singer? Well in any case, the arrangement on this song is probably one of my favourites of this album. The way it picks up momentum but retains the same atmosphere is great. I didn’t think the vocalists voice would still match up but it did and I became even more disappointed I couldn’t find out about her.
  4. スーパー・ノヴァ ~celestial sphere mix~
    To be honest, I was interested in this album way before learning it was a tribute album to a Vocaloid producer. I can keep saying how each track is so pretty and has such a good feel and is just so well done but I’m not really doing it any justice. A few notes on the official page for this album from the artists mention that the arrangers gave the song a completely different feel. In that case, I’m not sure how to feel about being unfamiliar with most of these songs originally. Another vocalist I had trouble finding anything on. Mostly because they go as Sakuya (サクヤ) and common names, ugh.
  5. GOOD MORNING EMMA SYMPSON ~the 90’s mix~
    A track that’s a little more upbeat in arrangement than the previous tracks. The vocals are still pretty mellow and soft. The song and the vocals actually work really nice together though. And again, wonderful vocals. They managed to sound so sad even despite the plucky track that accompanies them.
  6. Alice -Phantasy arrenge ver.-
    This one has a bit more of a cheery sound to it and the vocals are nice but it’s hard to follow up on track five which was just spectacular. That aside, something about this track just doesn’t do it for me. It’s still really lovely and I could listen to the chorus (specifically) a million times though.
  7. グリグリメガネと月光蟲(REDSHIFT Remix)
    This is the only Furukawa-P song I was familiar with before this album. Guriguri-megane to Gekkouchuu used to be a song I loved to pieces. I am kind of disappointed that a human vocalist didn’t do this track but I love GUMI and I’m actually a fan of REDSHIFT so it still works out for me. I actually like GUMI’s vocals better than Miku’s here though the chorus loses the punch (if you could call it that) the original chorus had.
  8. envy. -oriental beauty remix-
    Finally, a vocalist I could find something on. It seems she does a lot of songs in english. At first I wondered if she was english utaite who just posted to NND? Some of her pronunciation seemed off so I wonder about that. Plus her inclusion on a doujin album like this kind of doesn’t seem like it and this track isn’t in english so that kind of got cleared up I guess. She does sound really nice though. I can’t say I’m too fond of her english covers but here she sounds really great. The arrangement is a bit lackluster though.
  9. mugs -pianoforte arrenge-
    foolen returns as an actual vocalist this time. This one is in english, I think. It’s so soft that if the pronunciation is off and sounds kind of engrishy, you can’t tell. So far the majority of these tracks have been able to instill a lot of emotion and I have to credit both the arrangers and the vocalists for that. A vocalist can sound great but without a good track backing them up, it’s wasted.
  10. CRAWL -acoustic arrange-
    First and only track with a guy vocalist. I like the arrange (though I’m not usually a big fan of acoustic arrangements) but the first time I heard it, I didn’t like his vocals very much. After listening a few more times they kind of grew on me. He still seems a bit out of place when compared with everybody before him though.
  11. はなれ、ばなれ string Edition
    The final track has an airy, almost fairytale-like quality to it. It’s a really nice song though it doesn’t stand out much like some of the earlier tracks. The vocalist, komine, has a really lovely (talking) voice though.

Final Thoughts: An excellent and, dare I even say, beautiful album. I would recommend to people who are unfamiliar with Furukawa-P and even Vocaloid in general but are looking for a pleasant and gentle sound or something that is just well done in every way.  If you are a fan of Furukawa-P then it’s def a must listen.

(It would have been nice to have an acane_madder track on here but since I believe she’s probably covered all of his songs anyways and there were a lot of other soft-toned vocalists here, it might have been redundant.)
Recommended tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9

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