Madoka Magica: Beginnings and Eternal

It’s a bit late to talk about this now but I figured I should before it was waaaay too late.

Last week I went and saw the second Madoka movie and the previous week, I saw the first. Initially, our understanding was that they would be played back to back but it was a bit of a relief that it wasn’t. I was overjoyed when I first had it pointed out to me that the movies were coming here. I felt a bit hypocritical given my earlier complaints but I bought tickets for myself and my sister who had seen a few episodes of the series a long time ago. We took our even younger little sister to the second one and she followed along really well despite note seeing the first one. I was actually really happy that she enjoyed it though I worried I might be setting her down the path of debauchery that I set on years and years ago when I was her age.

I won’t rehash what the movies were since I think the majority of us have seen Madoka by now and it was word for word. I noticed after the first movie that it had a different feel to it though. I couldn’t tell if it was because I had watched it in a theatre on a huge screen? A lot of the backgrounds and scenery in it was redrawn though and I feel that made a big difference.

It was an interesting experience though. This is mostly because where I live, we usually get skipped for things like this. So I really have to thank Aniplex. It wasn’t just Winnipeg either. I know the movie played at some places on the East Coast that I imagine get shafted for stuff like this all the time. The site doesn’t list what locations they played in over there though so I couldn’t confirm if it was a bunch of cities or just one, since I had heard it from word of mouth.

For some reason I also have a new found appreciation of Homura. I absolutely adore Homura now. Sayaka is still my favourite and I have a weak spot for Mami but Homura… sheesh! Also, I also appreciate Luminous a lot more and have been listening to it for three weeks straight.

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