Luminous Remix Roundup

 (original: Luminous / ClariS)

ルミナス 2step remixAnagutyu

ルミナス – Magibeat Remix/ onitan

ルミナス (remix) / itsu 1

ルミナス (ttp’s remix)DJ T3teppu

Luminous (tamame’s amorphous reinterpretation remix)tamame

ルミナス (ujaku remix) / ujaku  2

ルミナス (fmtr Rework)  / fmtr


ルミナス (homumu’n bass mix)しも

re:main / cobalt green
Full version on A-Remix Nation7I like the A-Remix Nation albums so that’s why I was specifically waiting until now to post this.

ルミナス (chiptune mixx) / y_tsukasaman


  1.  recommended because I like itsu.
  2.  recommended because it’s really good

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