Spring 2013 First Impressions

“I can’t believe she’s stupid enough to have her hair down all the time and not even realize how sexy it is. She should be using it to please me.”


Red Data Girl

Sometimes, you finish all of the previous season and it’s still a day or two until the shows you want to watch start. So what do you do? Watch more Milky Holmes? Yes. You also sometimes watch scraggly shows you don’t really care about because they’re the only shows available. This is one of those times.

I was tempted to watch the LQ NND versions a week or two ago but I put it off until today. Glad that I did since it’s a nice looking show. I guess that’s expected of P.A Works though.

The character designs are really… boring though. Homura is the only one who can pull off red glasses. That girl from Kyoukai no Kanata and Izumiko just look super dumb. Actually Izumiko herself is just really boring. She’s not Amnesia heroine levels of dull but she’s right up there. I don’t even find her that cute because so far she doesn’t have a lick of personality.

Despite not liking the main character I gotta say I’m kind of interested. I didn’t know anything about this show going into it and the OP is so mysterious, especially the last few seconds of it. Plus, I think a romance between them could be cute if Izumiko actually has some backbone and interests and can actually say words and not just look sad and pathetic all the time and stop being so flinchy. Otherwise, again, Amnesia. Why do I care about a romance between some dude and a plank of wood with a girl drawn on it?

Though I’ll give her some credit. She does seem to want to change and she showed that at the beginning. I think she’ll probably stand up to Miyuki eventually. Hopefully it doesn’t take her ten goddamn episodes though to stop being meek and uninteresting though.

Dansai Bunri wa Crime Edge

Let’s bring up Amnesia again. Amnesia was bad. Is there anybody who doesn’t think so? Probably. I don’t think this is an objective thing though. Amnesia is offensively bad. Crime Edge is a special kind of bad. I was trying to decribe what I had just watched last night but all I could keep coming up with is creepy and bad. How else do you describe Crime Edge? It’s just so… creepy and bad.

I mean it’s not like I went into this show expecting anything else. The summary was iffy at best but then the first trailer being so serious looking? My expectations were not betrayed.

So let’s start with the obvious. He was getting really hot and bothered over her hair. At least in the beginning he admits he probably looks like a crazy dude sneaking up on a girl with scissors but him watching the schoolgirls walk by and think about cutting one of their hair before declaring his dedication to Iwai didn’t really help though. I get that Iwai is probably not very socially adjusted since she’s been on her own for awhile but don’t let a dude feel up your hair like that.

The direction and pacing in it was pretty bad. They meet and then there’s a skip to a few weeks or months into the future (luckily defined by the snow instead of just showing them being pals) and it doesn’t feel natural at all. They’re just together. Then the morally ambiguous characters are shown to be evil and blah de blah the scissors are special and cut her super long hair. I figured her hair would grow back instantly but it looks like it’s still short in the next episode. So, since there are still a ton of episodes left we’re going to have some fighting and a scenery palette that is too damn red (I didn’t like it in Night Wizard and I never will) and they’re going to throw in some silly sounding words and it’s going to be really dumb.

I’ll probably keep watching in the hopes that it’s so bad that it’s entertaining. The animation wasn’t terrible here (I doubt it’ll hold up) and Iwai was super cute at times. So at least she’s got that going for her, unlike Izumiko.

Majestic Prince

If this didn’t have an ED by Chiaki Ishikawa and Swashiro in it, I would have never looked twice at it. But, that is a combination I cannot ignore.

This isn’t my type of show by any means. There’s a reason I’ve never watched Macross F (besides the movies, anyways) despite my Sheryl love. These kind of shows bore me. It hurts this more that it looks a lot like Gundam Seed. It feels like it should be a Sunrise show anyways. Glad that it isn’t (because at least now the characters have some (minimal) personality though not enough to make this, y’know, interesting). I was surprised this was a Dogakobo show. If it weren’t for Saikano (and even then I’m not entirely sure if that would count or not), it doesn’t seem like the type of show they would do at all.

I’d like to believe that something horrible is going to happen (to one of them?) that changes each of them and destroys the childish naivety they all sport. I was hoping it would happen in this episode as a good set up and way to keep attention and it seemed like leaving the civilians was a nice start but they triumphed over their innumerable enmies through courage and the desire to be heroes!!!!

SO I’m not so sure about the whole tragic angsting heroes in space thing any more. Definitely one of those shows where I’d like to hear spoilers before continuing. Eh. Maybe I’ll just wait for that Chiaki Ishikawa single…

Hataraku Maou-sama

This was one of the only shows I was looking forward to (because. Maybe it’s because of that or because the previous three shows I’ve watched have all fallen flat for me but I really enjoyed this.

I was surprised by the scene before they were sent to our world since it showed that girl getting mowed down and all so it really established that he’s a villain and he’s evil. It’s easy to forget since he comes off as a cartoonish, kids show kind of villain once he starts getting invested in his job. Fortunately, seeing his enthusiasm for his job is really nice. He actually has a personality with conflicting sides and multiple interests! Very impressed.

The PV was kind of misleading since it didn’t seem like he and Emi met that way and that the second time they did, they fought. That’ll probably still happen even though she comes to live with them next episode. Normally I’d have some misgivings about that. That seems like the lead up to harem antics but there aren’t enough girls. I’ll be fine with it turning into a romcom if it’s just them though.

I really hope Chi just stays out of that picture. I’m hoping and predicting she’ll just be the nice girl who shows him humans aren’t all bad and helps him turn slightly less evil or at the very least, not wanting to take over their world too. Though seeing what he did before, I’m not sure if that would be enough.

It’s probably a little sad that my favourite show this season is about a demon king working at McDonalds but the show has a certain charisma to it. It doesn’t hurt that this season is totally boring so far and doesn’t look to be improving much.


I was waiting for this one even though it looked exactly like the type of comedy I can’t stand. However, mermaids are my monster girl of choice so before I got to Leviathan, I figured I’d give this one a shot.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. It still isn’t the type of show I like but Muromi has some charm to it. Not to mention it’s only 12 minutes so it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. In any case, the OP is pretty cool and the animation is nice.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.

Another case of me being bored and watching a show I wasn’t particularly interested in. So I watched not-Haganai. I guess this is the new flavour of otaku pandering they’ve latched on to. Self-insert guys who hate the world and still end up surrounded by pretty girls. Misanthrope characters are my least favourite so I was really going into this with low expectations and lo, they were not betrayed.

I do think the show would be fantastic if, say, the guy wasn’t in it at all. Normally I would say that about any of these shows but that defeats their purpose so whatever. Here I mean it for real though. Yukinoshita and Yui (their names are actually pretty similar, huh? It’d be cool if it was some Fight Club scenario where Yui doesn’t actually exist or something) have great chemistry together. Yukinoshita is a cool character on her own but seeing Yui idolize her was a welcome touch. It’s nice to see they’ll get along.

Hikigaya is an asshole though. Sure, he fixes the problem by teaching her to stay true to herself or whatever but everything else he says is dickish. Calling Yui a bitch seemed a bit extreme and playing the Nice Guy card were what really did it for me. It seems like he could probably not be so awful and most likely will but I don’t think I could take getting to that point. There are bland protags and they’re terrible but I don’t think having a douchebag one is much better either.

Zettai Bouei Leviathan

I was kind of looking forward to this because the idea of mahou shoujo-ing into monster girls sounded kind of cool. I did expect it to be trashier. Glad that it isn’t, I guess.

I kind of feel bad admitting it but I actually laughed quite a bit at this. The opening “with approximately two other characters” lines as well as each one getting smacked in the face or poking the fairy in the stomach, all these things were unexpectedly funny to me.

The HanaKana fairy was cute too and I liked Bahamut. Jormungand didn’t really do much so I can’t pass much judgement on her yet. I didn’t really like Levi because she was quick to tears and I can’t help but get a brocon vibe from her.

It’s not like this is going to be AOTY of the year but as far as mindless and cute entertainment goes, you could probably do a lot worse.

Suisei no Gargantia

I watched Psycho-Pass for promise of Urobuchi terror and despair and was… really disappointed with the result. So here I am again.

And already starting off with disappointment. Another bland “I don’t need a personality because I am really tough” male lead? Yup, sure. At least Psycho-Pass had Akane who was a great protagonist. I felt the same way about Kiritsugu when I first watched Fate/Zero but his back story and the events that transpired at the end actually made him interesting and sympathetic.

However, I think his future interactions with Amy might do him, and all of us, some good. I don’t think Amy will be Akane-level of excellent female protag but I think she has some potential. Though Akane did have 22 episodes to work through while Amy only has 12. Which I’m really disappointed about. I think their version of earth and how they live could be really interesting to see.

There was something I liked about the first episode though. I can’t really put my finger on it though. I liked the music throughout but especially when Ledo saw the ocean and their home combined with the people from Earth seeing his mech fly up to him. It gave me a really nice impression for some reason.

I was iffy about this one and I’ll wait until CR posts the second episode before really passing judgement on it.


I liked the T.M Revolution x Nana Mizuki OP so I thought surely this couldn’t be so bad, right? Plus the love interest dies in the first episode? Setting yourself up for angst but sure, drama is cool. However the scene where she ‘dies’ is so bad that it seemed obvious she’d return. Haruto is annoyingly pathetic in the first episode, kind of cool when he takes over L-Elf and back to wimpy. I guess it’s the Shinji thing since a random dude just piloting a big robot wouldn’t know what to do but him even getting in it in the first place was kind of ridiculous.

I’m not sure what to expect but in any case I can’t imagine this show will ever change my opinion of it. Will it be terribly entertaining? Maybe. I don’t know if I want to find out though.

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