Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #04


Broke my Hina combo despite having a Hina x Yume Nikki and Hina x Katanagatari image that would have worked perfectly for this post. Still undecided about making this a monthly thing (since there are so many albums I’d like to talk about) but I might be busy during June so who knows!

vvotaro vs sHimaU (Lowfer Records) – Attack Of The 2.5D

I wondered if this one was justifiable but with so many great remixes, it seemed like it was ok. katanastep was the first track I heard and due to my insatiable Katanagatari love (especially the music) mixed with the lack of decent remixes stemming from it, I decided I had to hear the whole album. The cut ups mixed with Bahasa Palus was good on it’s own but the middle cuts to Mai Nakahara’s ED, Mayoigo Sagashi, is what seals the deal for me. I was familiar with darkprecure before this album though so when I actually listened to it and saw it was on here, I was pleasantly surprised. Curry Notch Rice is also surprisingly catchy, drop aside. There’s also noi which isn’t bad though it’s far too lewd for my tastes.

You can get the album here.

 Secret Messenger – Yumesora Utahime ~ Fantasy of the princess wings

This was a treat because I had never heard of the group before. None of the members at all either. Not a single vocalist. So I didn’t really expect much when I listened to it. I ended up really enjoying all of the vocal tracks. become the wind has a lot going on but it’s still cool. The vocalist is Rin Asuka (I believe?) who does Vocaloid covers and stuff. She’s also the vocalist for ゲンソウノツバサ ~ the wish of princess which is a longer track that reminds me a bit of Diao ye zong (withered leaf)’s usual Merami vocal tracks that are usually six minutes or so. It feels like a Sound Horizon/Shoujo Byou/etc kind of track with the change the song takes over time and emotion it it. There are multiple vocals in that track though and one of them just doesn’t sound that good. I might like it on another track but it’s just not powerful enough for this one. キノコが好きだぜ☆彡 is a really cute arrange of Marisa’s theme. It’s really simple sounding and the vocals by 元就 are just cute enough to sell the song.  アリサ (and the longer version アリサ~始まりの歌) stand out because the vocals are so.. old fashioned? They sound very refined and it’s really nice. I’d love to hear her in some other folksy type songs.

There are a few tracks by Yuy that are less vocal centric but they don’t stand out very much against the vocal tracks since all of those are so great. The one that did catch my attention (after thinking that all the ‘vocal-less’ tracks were a bust) was Alice magica spei. It sounds very inspired by something else but I can’t put my finger on what exactly. The buildup is kind of slow but worth it when things suddenly get intense and then broken down into a piano segment again.

kisou-yushi – konohanasakuya

A recent release from M3-31. All vocals are supplied by 奏メイナ. At first I did think she fit most of the songs really nicely but her voice lacks something. A certain oomph. I do think her voice is lovely though. My favourite of the vocal tracks is probably 夢しらべ. A pop ballad with the same oriental feel the whole album has. Despite being featured all over the album, there aren’t any vocal tracks that are straight like that. They all have a pop sound to them. Which is where her vocals sound kind of off.

That being said, I like the yu-shi tracks since they play the oriental folk sound straight and it sounds really nice. いくさばな starts off really eerie sounding but ends up kind of intensely. It’s a shame that the vocal-less tracks by yu-shi are all under 3 minutes each because they’re a lot nicer than the vocal tracks after awhile.

IOSYS – Haitoku no Phantasmagoria

It seems off including an IOSYS album because it seems like everybody listens to that. Well, not everybody. And maybe there are so many released in such frequency that having an interesting one pointed out helps? Well whatever. I guess this release only counts as interesting if you’re a fan of music from the west as well. I, for once, absolutely adore arranges done in the vein of other songs (preferably western ones) and I’m always thrilled to find new parodies like that. IOSYS is pretty good in that regard. This whole album is just that though.

I only recognized wanna eat all in the crossfade before because IOSYS has already done at least one parody of a Lady Gaga track (Desire from 東方プレシャス流星少女) and as embarrassing as it is, I really liked that one. This one isn’t nearly as catchy. Actually, for this album it seems more like the songs are just influenced by other songs rather than just parodies. In PAN PAN PANTY (from 東方テレパス少女歌集) I wasn’t even sure what the original song was (before knowing what album it was from) just that it was a PON PON PON parody. These ones are all very clear in their original songs but not the one’s they’re parodying. Which isn’t a problem, of course.

can’t be slaked is a personal favourite just because I used to like Kylie Minogue a lot when I was younger. By that same logic, reminiscence to the sky also caught my attention. My real favourite, parody source aside, is your own beautiful world. I hadn’t realized how much I missed miko and it’s just a really good track for her. The fatc that I really don’t like Necrofantasia and still ended up loving this track says a lot though.

Kusemono Records – ゆめにっきコンピレーション

 I just replayed Yume Nikki so have another Yume Nikki arrange album. I actually found two but I’ll share the other one next time. ゆめのあとで is probably the most laid back track on the album. It’s got an ambient-ish vibe mixed with a nice piano accompaniment that I love. Normally that would be my favourite track but 落ちていく夢 is just the catchiest thing imaginable. Yume Nikki song arrangements just aren’t complete without samples from the game and this track utilizes them in the best way. Same goes for Destruct the Dream which has a more hardcore sound. Ride on a Broomstick was at first kind of an iffy track for me because I thought it would be dubstep for the sake of a dubstep track but it’s surprisingly catchy right up to the scream and then another drop.

The genres are all over the place for this one (though that seems to be a common theme among Yume Nikki arrange albums) but it’s so well put together that every track sounds really good.

You can get the album over here.

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