Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 18

Album Name: Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 18
Artist/Circle: EXIT TUNES (Quake Records)
Release Date: 05/01/13
Website: http://anitra.jp/title/18.php

(at the time of writing this I could not find a single image of the cover that was in good quality. I’ll change it later)

  1. シアワセ☆ハイテンション↑↑
    Opening to the latest season of Minami-ke. maburu-choko seems to be becoming a regular around here. Not a bad thing since her vocals aren’t terrible. Same with 慧, another new regularly appearing vocalist. Pretty standard stuff though and Booing Day’s track isn’t anything exciting.
    This really reminds me of the past when I hated Latte because her voice wasn’t strong enough for certain songs. I like Latte now but she sounds so weird here. To the point that I was having trouble believing it was actually her. I don’t think they’re bad though. Flash back Dominant makes the song a lot more energetic though and I do like that, even if the vocals kind of mess it up for me.
  3. 桜流し
    One of the initial tracks from the track list I did see (I was surprised to see this was released since last time I checked for the track list it wasn’t posted yet). I remember the original being pretty slow so I thought it an odd choice. This remix is odd though. Disco da gama was able to take a lot of liberties with it whereas most ET remixes by this point follow the original song identically. This ends up sounding really, really good though and gives the song an entirely different feel. I was iffy about MFMW’s vocals at first since they were slow like the original and didn’t really match Disco da gama’s new setup for the song but her vocals are so clear and beautiful that I couldn’t help but enjoy them. It was a nice mix between the electronic sound DDG gave the song and her articulate, pretty vocals. It does feel like she’s a bit overpowered by the song during the final chorus but it still sounds so good that it doesn’t really subtract anything.
  4. ジョジョ ~その血の運命~
    It was going to be pretty tough for anything to follow track three since that was just stellar. Then this started playing and I couldn’t stop laughing. Another weird choice but I’m not complaining since it’s still a better song choice than usual. MK is here and I wasn’t disappointed. The song itself is really good but the vocals don’t really fit that well. At least compared to the original. Though for a dance style remix I guess they’re a decent choice. It would be weird to have vocals like the original in this, I guess.
    More MK? Lucky day. Yumemi having vocals that I don’t initially dislike? Wow. Honestly surprised. Yumemi is actually really good here and sounds a little similar to Nana Mizuki so it works out doubly nice. She sounds a lot like May’n too though.
    慧 and yumemi are our vocalists. They both end up sounding really nice together. Yumemi’s really come into her own with this release. Her tracks have always been inconsistent for me but so far she just sounds really good.
    At first I was surprised there weren’t more Love Live tracks but haha sheesh. If they’re going to be like this then it’s probably for the best. Disco da gama is back for the song but it’s the vocalists, さつき and si-na, that cause our problems. I haven’t enjoyed si-na duets in the past so I’d like to believe it’s her that sounds terrible because one of the vocalists doesn’t sound so bad.
    plazma AND YURiE? That aside, what a surprising song for them to pick. Really! How can they constantly go from having a release of all garbage songs to one with (originally) good songs? YURiE lacks the original jazzy feel Yukino has but she sounds mature and smooth in her own way so it still sounds good. plazma’s remix itself is energetic and fun and there’s even still a breakdown for the piano part. That’s always a win in my books.
  9. ドキドキドク
    More odd song choices? Sure why not. This whole album is full of them. But hey, does it matter when they get the best they’ve got on it? YURiE returns and her voice isn’t as powerful as in the previous track but it’s still really nice. It’s got a more playful tone to it that’s really enjoyable. Icon is behind the song. It’s a little unfitting with her vocals and not quite as speedy as the previous track but it still has it’s charms.
  10. PRIME NUMBER ~君と出会える日~
    Puchi is our vocalist. She actually doesn’t sound that bad. I was bracing for the worst though I’m sure, without checking, I don’t really have anything against her. Flash back dominant returns for the song.
  11. 僕らの翼
    And with the previous track and this one, we’re into the usual territory. Natsuhi sounds fine and they sound fine when they sing together but si-na is just… si-na. And I don’t like that. Hommarju is here for the song though. I thought it was kind of underwhelming at first but it grew on me eventually. I do like the flair his songs usually have. Of course that is when his experimenting doesn’t mess up a song I was anticipating.
  12. 夢の続き
    R.Cena is our vocalist. I figured she would have appeared more often but this is her only track.
    SAYURI and maburu-choko are our vocalists. They sounds pretty nice together though as usual I’m more fond of the mature sounding vocals opposed to the childish sounding ones. MK is back for the song though it isn’t nearly as exciting as before.
  14. 急接近ラッキーDAYS
    More Minami-ke. Booing Day returns for it. SAYURI and mai are our vocalists and they’re probably my favourite duet so far.
    maburu-choko proves herself once again. Yukari Tamura vocals are always so hit or miss for me so I might be biased if I say I like her vocals here more than the original ones.
    Hommarju returns for three tracks and starting with this one. mi-mi is our vocalist and I haven’t really liked her in the past but she sounds decent here. Hmmm. Maybe I should go revisit some of these older SATB albums and see why I disliked some of these vocalists so much. I’m sure it’s not unwarranted.
  17. 僕らは今のなかで
    It’s stuff like this. It’s stuff like this, Hommarju. Exit Trance, just step AWAY from the Love Live songs. Just leave them. Just leave them alone. Nothing good will come of this. NOTHING GOOD HAS COME OF THIS.
    Ao no Exorcist movie theme. Proving once again that the movie series from Exit Trance is deader than dead. I was like, “ah, this doesn’t sound so bad” until the first drop. Well. Hommarju. Uh. Huh. Well on the bright side, Hideki and Ryo sound pretty good but uh everything else is really unfitting for the song.
  19. GOD FATE
    Let’s get those last two tracks out of mind with some Icon and yumemi. That seems like a good combination, right? Yumemi kind of returns to the wobbly version of her that I’ve had problems with in the past. She doesn’t sound bad just… weird.

Fang’s Rating:


A big improvement over the last album. Partially because the track list wasn’t as bad. Surprised that Namae no Nai Kaibutsu from Psycho-Pass and Neguse from Tamako Market weren’t included (though the first one likely should have been included a release ago if it were getting in) considering how heavily remixed they are.

The track list still suffers for picking boring run of the mill and easy to do tracks over ones with potentially more interesting results. That being said though, the inclusion of the Evangelion 3.0 theme song, the Bakumatsu Gijinden ED and Ishida to Asakura theme were all surprising choices. If only they could do more stuff like that, maybe this wouldn’t be such a chore anymore.

Recommended tracks: 3, 5, 8


  • MelancholyArtist

    May 1, 2013

    It was a weird and messy track list to be honest but still fun to listen to, thought. Evangelion 3.0 is my favorite theme so far. =D

  • badru

    May 2, 2013

    Agreed, an improvement from the previous album. Excellent song selection and some of them have really good voice and nice remix.
    For my favorite song, it is track 5, 8 and 15. Oh and maybe track 13 too. Well, so many good tracks in this album. :D
    I would rate 3.5 star for this one. Surely this album was not disappointing.

  • Diziyyuki

    May 4, 2013

    Dont wanna burst your bubble, but lovely fruit was sung by mi-mi not yumemi.

  • Fang-tan

    May 5, 2013

    @MelancholyArtist – yeah messy is the word to go with here I think.

    @badru – it was definitely a step up from the previous album. There were a bunch of songs I actually really liked her.

    @Dizi – haha so much for that then, yumemi! It would be nice if the info they listed on their site was correct for once.

  • Fang-tan

    May 6, 2013

    For the record, do you have a link to this wiki or wherever the corrections are made? I’ve searched but never found anything.

    I’d like to double check it before I post next time.

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