Milky Holmes (S1) Final Impressions

One weekend from before when my free time was a lot scarcer, I wanted to watch Kill Me Baby. Unfortunately, that wasn’t on Crunchyroll. Nyaruko is something I’d like to try out but for some reason I went for Milky Holmes. Something I never imagined I’d watch, let alone enjoy.

I was initially told to watch up to the second episode at least since that would be the episode that said whether or not this show was for me. Luckily that episode was very Cordelia centric and also hilarious.

Before, I imagined Cordelia to either be a bitchy character or a moeblob-ish character (which seemed unlikely since Elly already held that position). I was surprised by her actual character and personality. More often than not, she was the one who delivered the jokes for me. Her over the top reactions were too good.

On the flip side, I was surprised at what an annoying little pissant Nero was. I never would have imagined, based off her design anyways, that I would have liked her but god was she grating to watch. All four of them are generally self-centered and rude to an extent but Nero bumps the bitchiness up a notch and initially complains about everything. It’s understandable early on where all of them have especially bad attitudes about everything but Nero continues blaming everybody else until the end of the season. I can’t imagine her character changes much in the second season at least.

Elly was a nice surprise though. She was very cute as expected. Being the only one to pick up on lewd things and dirty jokes whereas the other three girls are too innocent to understand was what made her character for me though. It complimented her having Toys that were brute strength. Unlikely but still adorable.

Sheryl was… Sheryl. Very typical, I guess. That’s isn’t bad. Just the cheerful, naive (though I guess all four of them were), silly girl who believes in justice and her friends above all. She was pretty cute so I’ll give her that much.

Kokoro kind of got on my nerves after awhile (though she did serve to make Aileen’s character a lot funnier). It was disappointing we didn’t see so much of the rest of the G4 team. Especially the Sawashiro character.

I’m still surprised that there is a Kokoro nendoroid and no Henriette/Arsene nendoroid. I mean there is a Arsene Alter figure but a Henriette nendoroid would be really cute. If there’s been two seasons and only a minimal amount of merchandise, I doubt the third season which has the episodes reduced to 13 minutes will get anything more in that regard.

Henriette was pretty decent though it was the last episode where she really shined. Her motivations and ambitions were laid bare and getting to see more personality from her than usual was nice as well. Twenty occasionally made me laugh but like Kokoro his jokes got old quickly. Though he did have his moments, like being locked up with Cordelia and when the show itself continued to cut him off.

The final episode fight was pretty cool though. Fighting in space against innumerable clones of Arsene? It was pretty awesome. It was then that I really, really regretted having to watch it in LQ. Though it was still J.C Staff and there were a lot of spots I don’t think watching a HQ version would have helped.

Now, I didn’t expect a stellar story or experience but I was disappointed with the final result. I was hoping it wouldn’t be as predictable as I thought throughout the entire series and for a brief moment I expected them to keep their toys. I was ok with them not remembering Arsene’s identity but losing their Toys was just going to be too much.

It would have been interesting to see them being screw ups with their powers but I guess that was too much to ask. It feels silly to complain since I knew it would turn out this way from the start. Well they wouldn’t pull the same thing twice, right? So maybe at the end of season two? I guess a new antagonist would help freshen things up. It was a nice hook to introduce her at the end of the episode though. I was pretty iffy about watching it.

All in all, I did enjoy Milky Holmes though. I didn’t expect to. My impressions had always been erring on the bad side but I was surprised with the humour in it. It kind of reminded me of of Binbougami ga, in a way. A lot of characters were too abrasive for them to grow on me (unlike BBG) so I can’t really look back fondly on that though which is disappointing since a lot of characters here have potential for growth and still funny instead of just comedic fodder.

I watched this season on Crunchyroll and CR only has the 480p version (hence why the screencaps look so terrible). It will be nice to watch the second season in something much better (since the second season isn’t on Crunchyroll). I’m spoiled now and it’s too hard to watch 480 now. It’d be nice if the third season streamed on CR. I’m a bit disappointed it’s so short but I’m interested in the new characters. Well, before that airs I better take care of season two!

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