Suisei no Gargantia Episode 5

Before the show aired, I would have never expected a beach episode. What with the lack of beach and all. I especially would have never expected one as wonderfully charming and enjoyable as this episode was.

However, this is the episode where Ledo really changes. Not entirely but enough to make a difference in the events to come and in a way that will make the eventual desicion to leave especially difficult. Ledo is a really good character and you could constantly see the change in him as he discovers and feels new things. It could be that he was blank and without much to him (which I did complain about initially) but it’s still good to watch. Had he been a gruff jerk who rejected and struggled against Gargantia and it’s people instead of accepting and compromising, it would have been a much worse experience for everybody and I was sure I wouldn’t have watched this long.

Not to mention Ledo is just plain adorable. He went from someone battle hardened and stoic to a fish out of water forced to rely on people he can barely understand. It sounds common enough but the execution is just too much. Hearing him struggle with their language or seeing Amy try and teach him how to swim, things like that are just… moe.

This episode also benefited the rest of the cast too. Little things liked seeing Ridgett look bashful about her bathing suit or Bevel and the doctor’s group with the fan up until they built a machine to fan themselves or that everything was a result of Pinion trying to be nice. Hell, even Chamber and his repeated queries too. All of this endeared the characters to me.

And so, the bad feeling that’s been nagging at me for awhile feels even worse. I’m worried how this will end. We’re not too far gone that a big plot development could happen and shake things up. It’s pretty obvious Ledo will have to choose between his new home and his old life. Considering that fighting for the Galactic Alliance was all he knew for the entirety of his life, I doubt it’ll be an easy choice. It’s not just that. Considering the threat of the Hideauze and the fight at the beginning of the series, I can’t help but feel they’ll show up at Earth. Even though this is Urobuchi, I really don’t think they’ll do something as drastic as wiping out Gargantia (with Ledo and Amy as the only survivors or something).

Still would Ledo staying on Gargantia and forgetting about the war be satisfying to anybody? No, I don’t think for us or for Ledo.


  • Nopy

    May 9, 2013

    This episode has pretty much convinced me that Urobuchi isn’t going to pull the rug from under my feet later. I mean, how do you go from an amusing beach episode to something really dark. It’s a shame in some respects, but it’s also nice since his usual twists would ruin an anime like Gargantia.

  • Fang-tan

    May 10, 2013

    I really wouldn’t put it past him. Still, I guess I agree. I agree it would ruin it but it’s still going to take a lot to pull out an ending I’m ok with.

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