Mawaru Penguindrum Remix Roundup

This one is a bit different than the other RR because back when Penguindrum was relevant I had been gathering remixes in a same fashion. I stopped long ago but I still get excited when I see them show up on an album or on Soundcloud so I’ll share them here as well.

In the future, RR posts (I spend a lot of time on Soundcloud so they’ll be here for awhile I figure) will continue as the ones in the past and be focused on one song instead of a whole series.

Nornir/Boys, Come Back To Me

生存戦略 (miss mix) demoTHE_NAKAIBOOBS

少年よ我に帰れ (Drum and Bass Remix) / RYONS

ノルニル (crabMixx)inu

Nornir -alty mix-alty

ノルニル(PenguinDrum ‘n’ Bass REMIX)NES2000XL

Dear Future

DEAR FUTURE (dead end mix) / KTG 1

Dear future -alty mix- / alty  2

DEAR FUTURE – feat.Yui Horie (Remix) / HinonO

Dear Future -the penguin love mix- / foolen
(from LeMuRiA’s 4th album which also has a Rock Over Japan arrange)


ROCK OVER JAPAN (crabMixx) / inu

ROCK OVER JAPAN 脳ミソド腐れゲロ豚ビッチ娘mix / towayamada

Rock over japan (Glitch edit) / tribetrigger

生存戦略(ROCK OVER JAPAN)SquarePan2

ROCK OVER JAPAN(Emperor Penguin Remix)sutegma

Marunouchi Surviver / DJ Sharpnel


  1. Probably my one of my favourite remixes of Dear Future that isn’t one of the tracks on the single.
  2. I also really love alty though…

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