Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo

I was so wrong to judge this by the first episode. I feel like an idiot.

I decided to catch up on Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo after downloading the op single. I was a little pissed off when cockblocking whore maid Siesta tagged along but I ended up enjoying the episode so much. Episode two was kinda like something from the first season. It was that gosh darned awesome. Siesta and Louise teaming up was great. The only time I ever approved of Siesta. Also, Siesta risking herself to get the wand. Great. Haruhi-style molestation… from Louise. Great. Saito and Louise reuniting as master and famillar. Fucking wonderful.

Was it just my screen or was there MAJOR censoring in episode 2? Like during the groping scene and when Siesta was hugging Saito? Seriously, J.C Staff, what the hell? Atleast it wasn’t Kodomo no Jikan bad.

Even in three episodes Princess no Rondo has proved it’s self 100% better than Futatsuki no Kishi with it’s focus on plot and drama rather than fanservice. There has been some gainaxing and usual ZnT antics but when you get down to it… really, Princess no Rondo is doing well. Do you remember the first episodes of FnK? They were dribble garbage! The plot didn’t get going until the end and even then it was shaky. Not the mention the ending was terrible. I’m hoping that they’ll finish the series off with this season and give us no filler. Just keep plowing forward. But I might be speaking too soon.


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