Rozen Maiden: 1-4

While I was on vacation I managed to pick up 4 and 5 of the Rozen Maiden manga series. This is my absolute favorite anime-manga series ever. No doubt. It’s on it’s own level away from everything else I’ve ever watched. Nothing could ever take it’s place (don’t ask why. Rozen Maiden (Traumend) clearly had flaws). So when Tokyopop started publishing the manga you can imagine I was thrilled. Well I’m getting the whole series on one dvd (bootleg?) soon. Someone’s holding it at me at a small little shop in the mall. So I’ll go on about how much I love Rozen Maiden then. But for now, here is a little review of the manga up to where I’ve read.

Volume One
Those who have watched Rozen Maiden know what to expect. But, as I already knew, the manga is much different from the anime. Enough to make me go…wow. Well it was funnier for sure. I never watched Rozen Maiden for the comedy though. We get Jun finding Shinku and some comical Suigintou scenes. My favorite part just has to be when Shinku needs to be winded (although Jun does not know this) and takes it to Nori. The chibi’s are really cute totally peach-pit. You can kind fo see it (looking back from three…) but the pacing in this manga is sort of off (why I don’t like manga really). But I suppose you could see it differently if you hadn’t seen the anime. But basically we are just introduced to Shinku, Jun, Tomoe (?), Suigintou and of course, Shinku. Hina might be there but I don’t really recall.

Volume Two
While not as comical (although much more annoying) as the first volume we are truly introduce Hina. We also meet Suiseiseki except she has no ~desu but instead a ~yes. Tokyopop really is sloppy aren’t they? The only reason I like them is tokyopop managa is sold everywhere (unlike whoever the hell is publishing Zombie Loan. It’s going to take me years to find volume one of that freaking manga). But they mispell Suigintou(h) alot and same with So(u)seiseki. I think they messed up Sui and hina as well. But I don’t have the volumes with me to check. You can see the bad pacing here as well. But whatever. All in all, I dislike Suigintou and Hina in the manga. Let’s go onto volume three!

Volume Three
If you thought Souseiseki was a b**** in the anime wait until you see her in the manga. Woah. Seriously. I was suprised. I know she shows resentment to Suiseiseki in the anime a little but it’s only because she lives in her shadow. In the manga this is brought up WAY more. Basically the premise of the seki arc is the same as in the anime except y’know…Souseiseki like dies way quicker. Suigintou this time is just being suigintou she wasn’t hacked in two by Souseiseki. What is nice about this manga is Shinku’s arm. It was a real dramatic turn from the whole Seki drama.

Volume Four
(cont. volume three). Well Souseiseki dies. Dur. But that isn’t for awhile. I couldn’t help but giggle when Shinku’s dress was sewn up but that’s off topic. RIGHT AFTER Souseiseki dies they go to episode five of the first season. Where is emo Suiseiseki? She was more upset about Souseiseki being away when she was alive! But I guess with the mindset ‘of no matter what, i will bring you back.” living a delusional, happy life is okay(?).

I can’t wait for volume five. I love Kirakishou~ Eat that little strawberry!


  • Totali

    September 19, 2007

    I’ve only watched the shows, but your reviews look interesting. I’m usually not one to buy manga after I’ve watched the series though :S. LOL at those screens.

  • Fang-tan

    September 19, 2007

    Eh. Depends what it is. Sometimes if the anime really leaves things hanging (I have a good few titles in my head that left off in a poor manor) then I think it’s better to get the manga. But, if your easily angered then I wouldn’t buy the Rozen Maiden manga. It’s a let down after let down (with few perks) until the anti-climatic ending.

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