Kagerou Project Groove Coaster Promotion

There’s been a lot of stuff going on in the KagePro world lately. The second album, Mekaku City Records, just came out as well as the third novel. It’s been an emotional ride as the story becomes more clear and characters are revealed to be completely different than originally though (looking at you, Hibiya). I could go on and on about how I feel about the recent developments but since all I’ve heard is hearsay and can’t read the novel so I wouldn’t want to say something and be wrong.

But there is something else I’d like to bring up. Groove Coaster is one of my favourite games to play on my iPad. Admittedly I haven’t really played or used my iPad in a long time but someone mentioned there were some KagePro songs so my curiosity was rekindled.

There are two packs of KagePro songs available for $4.99 each on Groove Coaster Zero. The first contains Kagerou Days, Kisaragi Attention, Children Record and Yobanashi Decieve. The second pack features Imagination Forest, Otsukimi Recital, Konoha’s State of the World and Lost Time Memory.

However if you buy a pack (either or), play and post your score to twitter or facebook before June 9th you’ll receive a Ene avatar to play with! The packs will be available past June 9th but the avatar is limited edition  and will only be available now. Not to mention she’s very cute and her hair flaps around like wings when you play!

So if you play GCZ (it’s free, anyways) or enjoy Kagerou Project I’d reccomend dropping $5 now to get a cute little Ene!

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