Milky Holmes (S2) Final Impressions

I didn’t wait long to start season two after finishing the first season because I just like the first one so danged much! The second season? Not so much.

The girls lose their Toys at the end of season one and at the start of season two they’ve lost their wills to be detectives. Rather, they’ve forgotten that they are detectives. The urgency in the first season set in place by Henriette saying they had their retrieve their powers back by a certain time or be kicked out is instead replaced by the Detective Fair. So without such a danger, the girls stop trying to get their Toys back.

They even get their Toys back during their times as farmers but don’t realize it. This is cause… well, they’re dumb as sticks. They were dumb in the first season but this time it’s turned up to 11. Any semblance of ambition and self-awareness they had is out the window. It just seemed to me that the girls lost a lot of charm they had in the first season.

It wasn’t just the girls who lost a lot of personality and became limited in their jokes. Twenty only made nipple jokes. Sure, he made a ton in the first season but in the second season every second word that came out of his mouth seemed to be nipple. I had laughed at some of the gags involving him in the first season but now I could only groan whenever he came on screen.

I was incredibly disappointed. It seemed like the same jokes repeated over and over and over and the cleverness that appeared in the first season seemed all but lost. Until episode six happened.

I would go as far as to say that episode six from season two is the best of all the episodes from both seasons. This is for a number of reasons. First, no Twenty. Second, Nero appears minimally at the beginning of the episode and then is shut up. Thirdly, the same happens to Kokoro and for most of her apperances she is knocked out and therefore silent. This leads to the rest of G4 finally getting some screentime. And it ends up being mostly being glorious, glorious Tsugiko (green hair, fang, and Sawashiro, aka perfect wife material) screentime.

It was the first time in season two that I was in stitches. The use of side characters, both old and new, was so well done that it helped make the episode. The format of Kokoro waking up after everything had transpired and seeing the catastrophic results was what really did it though. It’s kind of sad though that some characters are so annoying that the show only became watchable when they were out of the picture.

After episode six I was afraid to keep watching because there was no way the subpar season could possibly top that. Well, in terms of comedy it didn’t but after that the plot (?) started to pick up.

After Milky Holmes has a stint in jail, Henriette snaps and realizes that Milky Holmes will never get back to the way they were and she will always be unsatisfied. It was interesting seeing her frustration but it seemed like she was shafted this season when she had such good characterization at the end of S1. Well, to be fair EVERYONE was shafted in the characterization department. Not that you could expect much from a show like this but compared to season one? Definitely a let down.

Stone River was always pretty cool in both seasons but after Arsene snaps and disbands the Empire, his resolve to try and defeat her and continue to stay with her was impressive. Of course, Twenty and Rat were there and the whole Empire vs. Arsene fight was pretty cool but it was Stone River then and afterwards (when they realized they were escaping reality and hugging a camel) that made him interesting.

I mentioned at the end of S1 that I was pleased with Mori Arty but she doesn’t show up in S2 until around episode eight, I think? Nobody mentions this, of course. If it’s not being commented on was the joke itself, I think it could have been done a lot better. She tricks Milky Holmes and has them release a bunch of Toys, takes one and then disappears for the rest of the season again.

The antagonist ends up being the pig guy. I was like “pft, is that it?” but then he transforms into a much cooler form and becomes the God of Lard after stealing all the Lard from Yokohama and then trying to steal from the rest of the world.

It was disappointing the fight ended up so underwhelming. They get their powers back but it didn’t compare to fighting thousands of Arsene at once. When Sonia showed Arsene what was happening it seemed like there would be a cool fight where Arsene and Milky Holmes team up but Arsene only does like one thing and that’s it. The fight is practically over at that point. Though seeing Arsene go from London to Yokohama so fast that it made night into day was pretty cool.

The Lard God is defeated (the word lard lost all meaning by the end of that arc) and we still have an episode left. Henriette trying to show herself but the girls continually missing her was pretty funny and Sherlock and her dance (with a cute insert song to boot) was nice but it was still a pretty meh ending.

So, I was really disappointed with season two. Getting to see a lot of the other girls of G4 (especially Hirano and Tsugiko) was nice, episode six was really funny and Lovely Girls Anthem is so catchy but otherwise I can’t say I enjoyed this that much. I can only hope S3 regains the charm of the first season and isn’t as much of a chore to watch as this was.

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