Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #05

Any excuse to post cute summer Hina.

Jin – Mekaku City Records

I guess I’m kind of biased about this and I already talk quite a bit about KagePro but I never did a post about this when Records came out so it’s going here I guess. Actually, I ended up buying the limited edition of this at AX (with that Kuroha comic aaaa).

アヤノの幸福理論 is the star of this show for me though. I had wondered, before the PV of this was out, why Ayano was the sole character on the cover but after the PV it made sense and was just so sad. Pretty much all of the other PVs (sans Toumei Answer and Imagination Forest) are all really energetic and exciting and it was kind of jarring to have such a melancholy and sad sounding song be featured as a PV. But the PV was amazing. It raised so many question but was also a huge twist in many different aspects. The song itself further proves Jin to be extremely talented at what he does. He’s able to make IA properly convey the emotion needed for such a song. He recently did the ED for Monogatari S2 (it was OK) but I really kind of hope he continues with Vocaloid stuff even after he finished KagePro.

Another notable song with a PV is 夜咄ディセイブ which is Kano’s song. I originally wasn’t that impressed with it but after awhile the chorus began to grow on me unlike with ロスタイムメモリー which I repeated for days. アウターサイエンス was a real surprise since it’s lyrics are pretty spoilery for stuff that happens later on in the novel. It relates back to that Kuroha/Mary comic featured with the limited edition as well as Kuroha being super evil. I don’t  like the チルドレンレコード (Re Ver.) as much as the original because, like with the previous re-recordings, the vocals seem to lose the punch they have.

forestpireo – Sing Summer Song

Ok, I’m gonna be real with you right now. I had never heard of forestpireo before I listened to this. Infact, the whole reason I’m recommending this album is for 蝉しぐれ which is a beautiful Old World arrange. The vocals are by Stack and I’ve never heard of her before this but after listening to this track over and over and over, I can safely say her vocals remind me a bit of Coral Egan’s vocals in the opening for Cybersix…

Well anyways, there are a lot of cuter tracks on this album too such as ようこそ夢と幻想のパレードへ! which as vocals by Meramipop. Kana’s vocals are hit or miss for me and I don’t really like them that much in アイス売り場 de パーフェクトフリーズ but the arrange itself is cute.

Clichexxx – My broken heart unsearchable

After my Yume Nikki music binge awhile ago, I looked more into Subroc Recordings and stumbled across this. I expected more of the bizarreness from SUBLIMINAL and it certainly did deliver, just not in the way I had expected.

The vocalist is someone named Machi as far as I could tell. The site for this album wasn’t very helpful and I wasn’t able to find anything else about them. At first I was a bit iffy about them but they quickly grew on me. She was just able to fit the song in the strangest ways. Desert-forest has her masked a bit a first but then as the song picks up, so does she. Actually, she sounds a bit warbly here and that’s usually a big annoyance for me. But it only happens in that track so I guess it’s passable? Sink is a track I would have liked without vocals but the echo her vocals have fit so nicely that I can’t complain. Though Invisible is probably one of the better tracks with vocals and with a more rock feel to it, Empty Worlds dub is probably my favourite track. The vocals don’t kick in until the end and even then they’re very minimal.

There are a couple instrumental tracks for songs that I assume are on another album? I really liked A Forsaken Girl Stood and I’m sure I would like this version more than one with vocals. On the flip side,  The Starlight & Dead Ocean is too lacking without them.

 Her Ghost Friend – 恋する惑星、果てしない物語

Her Ghost Friend is great when you’re looking for a bubbly, melodic sound that lacks a big impact but is still a sweet way to pass the time. My personal favourites, remixes aside, are 季節はずれのバレンタイン (A Valentine Out of Season) and ルミナスモス(のカノン)(Luminousmoss). The vocals are sweet and cheerful so despite the hush sound to them, they still come off as upbeat.

I was pleased to see a cokiyu remix since I’m quite fond of some other of Cokiyu’s stuff. The remix of Ice Planet, アイスプラネット (cokiyu Remix), was no exception. The song was given a feel befitting it’s title. Where it feels like everything is sparkling ice. The original アイスプラネット itself isn’t bad but I think that particular remix outshines it by a long shot.

This album, along with the other two albums released by Her Ghost Friend, are available on the North American iTunes store.

Crazy Berry – くるいちご煮

One of my favourite releases from Reitaisai 10. I love each track so I could have probably given it it’s own post but eh. Features ichigo as vocalist but that’s about all I recognize. None of the names behind arrangement rang any bells for me. I hadn’t even heard of this circle before, to be honest. This release was so good though that I’ll probably keep my eye out for them now.

I don’t have much patience for NATIVE FACE [PRINCESS-JADE GREEN-] since I only like Native Faith minimally but I still think this is a pretty good opening track that demonstrates just how much range ichigo has and uses throughout this album. _will_change_the_fate. is probably my favourite track but Phantom Ensemble arranges are usually a hit with me so I might be biased. ichigo actually sounds… a bit different? Maybe it’s just me. I’m used to her in more rock type songs rather than something than this. Of course she always sounds good but here it just seems especially so. 恋しき月 is a neat song dabbling in both electronic and with hints of oriental folk. It’s a neat combination, and again, with a vocalist I didn’t think would suit such a song. It surprisingly works out nicely though! 幻想郷幻想華 is a more laidback track (well, compared to the one before it at least) and ichigo sounds absolutely wonderful in it.  Sound arrangement is so simple and easy to listen to and the whole thing just sounds too good.

Speaking of Ichigo sounding different: ずっといっしょにいられるにゃ♪×♪×♪×♪. I had to go and read the booklet to just confirm this was actually ichigo since I had never heard her sound in such a way or be feature in such a song. It’s such a rare thing that I’m sure I wouldn’t forget about it. A more cutesy sound (complete with nya~) is weird from her. It comes off sounding a bit forced which is actually kind of cute on it’s own.

yanaginagi – euaru

This isn’t really a doujin release but it’s yanaginagi and who doesn’t like her? I mean really. She’s wonderful. I’m so happy that she and Annabel broke into doing music for anime and such because it’s always such a treat when I see they’re doing an OP and ED for a show. It makes the shows I hate (Amnesia) a little more tolerable and the shows I love (Rozen Maiden) even better.

ユキトキ has never done much for me. It’s not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just the tone of it never really works for me. It’s just kind of… cheerful sounding? Well more upbeat than I would like. I guess I just prefer her tracks like Ambivalentidea (which I’ve already loved for a long time),  or クオリア. Well that being said, tracks like ラテラリティ (which, again, long time love), ストレンジアトラクター or トランスルーセント (which has a really I’ve-ish feel to it) are not laidback, sombre or mellow tracks are are more energetic are all really great! So I guess it’s just Yukitoki not being my thing. I still like Zoetrope though I’ve really, really over listened to it. Despite that, I don’t think the song has much repeat value like a few of her previous tracks and I think it’s better when paired with the OP since the visuals give it much more of an impact.

Special attention must be brought to the second disc, though. It’s full of covers! It’s nice to see she hasn’t forgotten her utaite routes. I sincerly hope her future albums include such a bonus. The star for me is Uninstall since, heck, everybody likes (or did, if it’s been overplayed to hell for you) Uninstall! The song arrangement is interesting but takes away the sadness in the song. Which is a bit of a shame since I think her superb vocals would have conveyed that wonderfully. Renai Circulation is another cute track though I’m sure by now we’re all 100% done with this song. It was still cute to hear her little rap though.

The song selections aren’t all run of the mill choices (as I had previously expected) . There’s Swallowtail Butterfly?あいのうた? (originally a J-pop song from the late 90s) and Light Prayer from the Eden of the East movie. I love School Food Punishment but I actually like her vocals more for this. But can you imagine if she had done Futuristic Imagination? I probably would have passed out from excitement.

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