World End Econimica EP1 Impressions pt. 1

I first heard about World End Economica in January when I was looking into the details of  that Kishida Kyoudan album. I was immediately interested. A story about economy on the moon? By Isuna Hasekura? Sign me up! When I saw it was available in English I pounced right away.

While I’m not entirely disappointed with what I’ve read so far, I can’t say it left a pleasant taste in my mouth.

This is part one of a multi-post series about my impressions as I play, since I don’t intend to play this all in one sitting. I’ll make a separate post next time I plan on playing for an extended period of time. These are just my initial thoughts and  contains no spoilers for later content.

The game is available in English for $13 on DLSite.

Let me just start by saying that I cannot stand protags that are outright misogynistic and state they hate women at any given turn. Especially in harems. Like, how? How?? This isn’t a harem though and it’s completely linear. But in general, is that more self-insertion? Of course it isn’t surprising that those SUPER on board with the moe hype train are misogynistic toward not only real life women but their fictional objects of desire as well (the great Kannagi incident of ’08, for one). So maybe that is really self-insertion after all. Hate everybody but hope that they still want to bone you for no good reason (because let’s face it, your personality isn’t doing anything for you).

Let’s not go off on an unrelated tangent.

It’s just that from the moment this started I started liking our protag less and less and less until I just couldn’t stand him at all. He wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. He’s ambitious. That’s alright. It’s his personality that’s terrible.

If you can think those things and be a decent human being I must be a ~saint~

Sure, I can understand fighting someone (a girl) when you see them going through your stuff. That part is fine. It was after they had stopped their initial fight and when he realized he should finish her off, it was his comment that he should strip her and post pictures to the internet. When the screens a few moments earlier had been about how he needed to lie low and that committing crimes was risky for anyone because it was such a small community. You could argue he was joking but considering his comments about wanting to slap her and how much he hated her, I would really believe he was serious.

And occasionally he seemed not as bad! I wondered if I was just overreacting. Certainly, Hagana had some issues as well but… Hagana has issues. To the point where I would think there is something wrong with her mentally. Which would make his constant desire to beat her up even worse.

To be honest, based on his “all women are the same” comments I kind of started imagine him as a stereotypical redditor kind of guy. No offense, since not everybody who goes there is terrible. Just, you know, the kind of guy who believes he’s superior to everybody else, intellectually and otherwise. As well as thinking that women owe them something or that they all just want to play mind games. Stuff like that.

Then Lisa turns out to live in a church and is super religious (which is an unusual thing for people who live on the moon) and I was SURE it was going to come full circle. Now we just needed him bashing religion and we were set. Throw a fedora on the guy cause we are DONE.

However I found Lisa explaining ideals and stories about Christianity to someone who had no idea what that was, from a perspective that was both devoted yet still not with the intentions of converting or being overly biased was really nicely done. Not to mention interesting to hear. So if he made snarky comments, I wouldn’t count them as just bashing organized religion because he thinks he’s better than everybody else and that she’s stupid for believing such stuff (though it’s very well true that he does think that a little bit). It’s just that if you lived on the moon and there was no widespread Christianity and it was something you had never heard of, it might sound ridiculous to you as well.

I have to say though that I got hooked quickly. The world building is a bit confusing at first but it’s squished in between Hal talking to other characters, progressing from place to place and his other internal monologue so it doesn’t feel like a big infodump all at once. It was easy to try and imagine the world he lived in and what the Moon was like.

I guess that’s just the charm of Hasekura’s writing. I have to wonder what kind of person Hasekura is because between Hal and a line from Spice and Wolf about Lawrence playing a game about bring a needle as close to a kitten eye as you can, I get the impression he has a kind of twisted personality. Smart, of course! Just kind of twisted as well.

SO I definitely like the setting and the story so far. Lisa is a good character (I’m not just biased because I know she has a nun getup in EP2) and I’m curious about Hagana’s past and who she really is. It’s just Hal is such an unlikable jerk and they have such a vicious animosity that I can’t see he and Hagana ever becoming close despite that being implied (from what I’ve seen beforehand). Maybe he’ll develop into someone less terrible? I can only hope. It does seem like maybe he appears less in episode two? Well there’s that to look forward to at least.

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  • Lex

    June 26, 2013

    Yeah, the misogyny got to me too, and I’m a guy! It was a real disappointment. The game was extremely boring and I never got into it. I miss Spice and Wolf.

    By the way, I linked to your review from my blog. :D

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