Shinku Nendoroid (and other WonFes stuff)

I’m a pretty big Rozen Maiden fan. I think I’ve said that before. One of the reasons I was so excited about the new series (besides it being the first show where I was apart of a fan community, before fandoms were toxic and terrible to be a part of and also eight years is a hell of a long time to wait) was the promise of new figures. Of course there are some older ones I would love to get ahold of one day but it was a nendoroid I truly hoping for. And WonFes just happened to occur after the show began airing!

As WonFes went on and more and more developments were posted from it, though it was only the first day, I began to lose hope and accepted that there would be no Rozen Maiden nendoroids announced. Then, like a miracle, Shinku appeared on MFC and I proceeded to lose control of myself.

I hope this means we’ll get Nendoroids of the other dolls as well. Suigintou seems like a given but if not, I’m pretty content with just Shinku. A Kirakishou one would be pretty amazing though. Hopefully this does well enough to warrant that! I really would probably get all seven of them… sheesh!

Of course there was a bunch of other neat stuff announced, I guess. Tons of Attack on Titan if you’re into that. Personally I think I’ll only ever end up with the Mikasa nendoroid. I purchased Minami from Moshidora at AX despite never watching the show because I fell in love with her on AmiAmi a few months prior. When I was actually playing with her, I noticed how much she looked like Sasha and that if there was ever Titan nendoroids, I could pass her off easily as Sasha. So! I look forward to trying that out. Though an actual Sasha nendoroid with bread and her drooling expression would be wonderful as well. I doubt that’ll happen though.

(Last note about nendoroids, I’m very disappointed there wasn’t anything further on the Sakura nendoroid from last (?) WonFes. Oh well. As long as it’s one day, I think I can probably wait)

I was also surprised by a Tamako Market figure showing up! Strange that it’s Anko rather than Tamako though, isn’t it? Also, strangely enough, it’s by Alter who was the only company to show off a Hyouka figure during winter WonFes. This time, they are the only company (so far?) with a Tamako Market figure. I guess they have something worked out with KyoAni? It’s a bit sad since I would love a Tamako or Shiori figure as well. Well, a few more Hyouka figures showed up this WonFes so maybe Tamako Market figures will show up next WonFes?


  • AkitaSaito

    July 28, 2013

    Weird, I always thought that there were nendroids for Rozen Maiden, at the very least, Shinku.
    I can’t wait for the new higher quality figures to come out though.

  • Fang-tan

    July 30, 2013

    Well I ~believe~ the first nendoroids came out later on in 2006 (wikipedia tells me it was Feb though) and Rozen Maiden aired in 2005, ending in January of 06. So it missed the timeframe that would have made sense for it to have them. As well, only a few came out in 2006 so it’s unlikely they would have gotten any.

    But yes, agreed. It’s a shame Griffon is confirmed for doing Rozen Maiden figures though. I hope another company produces some new PVCs besides them.

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