Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #06

Short and sweet this month! (I’m actually just lazy and left it until the last minute…)

ORANGE★JAM – so-matic

I had never heard of this group before stumbling on to Love Montblanc on youtube so I was going to do that album instead of this one but I felt it more appropriate to do this one because there is one track I absolutely cannot stop listening to.

With You is the second track and an arrange of Bad Apple. It’s also ridiculously catchy. Renko’s vocals (she does the vocals on all O★J releases) are easy on the ears and her lyrics are so fun to sing along with. All of the tracks are in english but With You takes the cake for most catchy.

Though I’ve been in love with Ancient Temple and coincidentally enough, there’s one here too! A Love Canon starts off kinda slowly but that buildup makes the chorus even better. Of course, Renko is as lovely as usual.

The instrumental tracks by Sour are nice as well though they don’t stand out that much against the vocal tracks in this case. I do rather like 「Where Are You?」which is the instrumental intro track and arrange of Love-colored Master Spark. The quiet piano that gradually takes over the sounds of a city is very… hmmm, relaxing maybe?

DiGiTAL WiNG+Halozy – デジハロ NEXUS

While I think both groups are good, they’re not ones I really listen to that often. Occasionally though, in my travels, I’ll come across an arrange from one of them that really captures my attention. In this time it was a Hina one of both Dark Road and Dark Side of Fate which is 物凄い回しちゃう鍵山さんが物凄いうた. It’s weird because I don’t really like the vocals but at the same time I love them? The vocalist is from forestpireo I believe. Still, the song is really fun and the chorus is really cute.

Another bonus was Wallace Line, a Eurobeat arrange (that wasn’t terrible!) of Last Remote which right up there on my list of favourite Touhou songs (next to Candid Friend and Ancient Temple, of course).  Again, I was iffy about the vocals but they, again, eventually grew on me. 蕚 – Utena – is another favourite of mine because, well, Hanatan does vocals for it! That aside, it’s still a really nice song. Even though Corpse Voyage has never been a song that left an impression on me.

But really the whole album is pretty fun and there aren’t any tracks I especially dislike.

ecosystem – うしろの正面、ジレンマ

I guess this album pretty much solidified ecosystem’s spot as my favourite band. I’ve never, ever listened to an album and enjoyed and liked every single track on the album. No matter how much I love the group, artist or series. There’s always some boring tracks for me. But for the first time that didn’t happen.

I couldn’t really do a post about it when it came out a few months ago because I felt a bit biased. Since I did love this album to pieces and all. Heck, just narrowing it down to a few favourite tracks is a bit difficult.

Love Letter from Nanika? gets a special mention since, as the Utakoi OP, it was what introduced me to the band in the first place. The build up to the chorus and then the chorus itself  are still just so intense and fantastic. UFO倶楽部 was initially the only track I disliked but even then it was only barely. Eventually though it grew on me and I fell in love with it too. It’s catchy but still does all kind of things and goes through a bunch of different sounds and it just works really well.

ぶらり is a slower, more laid-back track compared to the rest of the album. What makes it for me is the drums in the beginning that get louder as the song goes on. I’m also just a sucker for Megumi’s vocals and they even sound great in a track like this. 月夜のnet is a track that I had known beforehand (from the EP of the same name) and is probably my favourite track by the group. It’s ridiculously catchy and, as with most of their tracks, such a great chorus.

It’s a little hard to put into words my love for this group though. Hopefully this won’t be the last album we see from them.

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  • BlackT3mplar

    October 20, 2013

    Looks like I have a few new favorite songs as well as a reliable source of good music. Thanks.

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