Saimoe 2013 Picks

It’s that time again. Last year was such an abomination with Saki dominating right until the end. There are a lot of Saki characters in this year as well (though not nearly as many) so if it seems like it’s going that direction again I’ll probably stop paying attention altogether. Which is a shame.

As usual, I’ve gone through the list of contestants and made a few notes about my predictions and stuff. X’s are to give you a visual on just how many Sakis we’re dealing with this year (in retrospect I should have added a symbol for Girls und Panzer to compare), ♥’s are the characters I really like in that match and hope win (though in most cases it’s pretty damn unlikely), and ✔’s are who I predict I will win, whether I like it or not. I mostly went for the obvious choices and how well they fared in past tournaments.


  • the first match features what I assume is a bunch of nobodies. I mean, I can’t see any of those four shows having a big fanbase. So whoever wins is nothing but cannon fodder.
  • Mami undoubtedly has her match though I am a bit disappointed since Wakaba is my second favourite next to Aoi.
  • Not sure how popular Seitokai no Ichizon is and I couldn’t remember how well its characters did in past tournaments. I think Yozora probably has it though.
  • Precure characters traditionally haven’t done very well so I’m not putting much hope on them except for maybe Yayoi and her match is practically a walk in the park. I wouldn’t mind if Emi won though since I liked her originally and she isn’t a Saki.
  • I like Sasha and Chihaya and they’re both great characters but this is a tournament neither of them could ever succeed in. Glad that it’s Peace who has such an easy match though.

  • Ayase is the best Oreimo character (aside from her yandere tendencies, I guess). She probably has her match but I didn’t want to call it with a Yuruyuri in it.
  • Asuka vs. Homura vs. Nanoha. Probably the most interesting and hype match of the whole tournament, sadly. Asuka originally made it to the finals in 2002 (losing to Tomoyo and proving that people don’t always have terrible taste) but in her next match she lost to Golden Darkness so I doubt she stands a snowballs hell in chance against two juggernauts like Nanoha and Homura. The only time Nanoha didn’t make it to the finals was in 2008 when she lost to Shana (who again defeated her in 2010 when Nanoha returned to her groups final). Has Nanoha’s popularity waned enough to let a newcomer like Homura defeat her? Homura lost in the first round when paired against instant kill Misaka. It’d be nice if she could redeem herself so I’m pulling for Homura this time around.
  • Following that, Madoka is up against Yukari from Girls und Panzer. I imagine this will be a tough fight though a bit anticlimatic after Nanoha vs. Homura.
  • I like Mayuri but I had to go with Nap Girl on this one. Kumin is precious. Hopefully Rei and sher stupid giant ass doesn’t take it though.
  • Maki is one of the most popular Love Live characters (she did recently win the poll to be center on the 6th single) so I think she has this one.

  • Nibutani was my favourite Chuu2koi character so I hope she has this one. I doubt Christa will be much of a challenge and just how popular is Date a Live? Maybe I’m underestimating it.
  • LUCKY STAR. LUCKY STAR IN 2013. I don’t even know. Like. Who even cares about that anymore? Saori isn’t that bad and Squid Girl lost to a Saki last year so I’m hoping Squid Girl has this.
  • If Azuki Azusa and Tsukiko don’t totally dominate their matches I will be speechless. They’re both OK so I won’t mind if they win it all instead of a Saki. But you know, there have been a lot of up and coming popular gals that haven’t scored a real big victory so who knows. A few years ago I would have given up because I would be sure they had it but now? Not so much. Anything can happen, I guess.
  • Aoi is the best Vividred character but goddamn Kyouko probably will win.
  • I love Tamako Market and I love everybody in it so I’m obviously rooting for all of of the characters from it. Tamako’s match might not be that difficult but that might be wishful thinking. It probably is.

  • Kotori is another popular Love Live character so I don’t think she should have trouble.
  • I really don’t want Koromo to win because she’s one of the more powerful Sakis. I think Kyouko is just popular enough that she should stand a chance.
  • This group is really dull.

  • Another dull group.
  • Dekomori vs Karuta: I’m pretty sure I don’t need to repeat this anymore but AS LONG AS THE SAKI DOESN’T WIN. I would rather Karuta because all Dekomori is good for is being annoying and being Nibutani’s girlfriend.
  • Hayate is my fave Nanoha character and she’s always done pretty well. Her first round is usually against low-level characters like this and she can dominate popular characters in the second round but she’s had some trouble on group three. Well, one step at a time!

  • Has Kirino fall into disgrace like she has over here? Even so, Watashi doesn’t stand a chance and Kurisu has only done slightly well in the past but hey she’s still done better than Kirino. Kirino only made it to round two in 2011 and she lost to Index. WHICH WAS AWESOME.
  • Makoto best imas.
  • One hit kill Mikoto probably has her match but Nagi is a tough one to beat. Nagi made it to the grand finale twice. One losing to Rika and then to Azusa. Beyond that her worst is always stage three. Misaka’s worst was her first tournament appearance where she lost, surprisingly, to a Saki. Her other two appearances were then both group finals where she lost to Astarotte and Azusa, who went on to defeat Nagi. I take back what I said about Nanoha vs. Homura being the only interesting match.This will stain one of them with the disgrace of losing in the first match. It’s almost historic. Though, since Railgun just aired (it’ll be over by the time this match rolls around) I think it will still have revived everybody’s Mikasa ‘feels’ (ugh) and Mikasa will probably win. Though you know me, rooting for Nagi all the way!

  • Rin is my favourite Love Live character (AND WITH GOOD REASON) and I doubt she would stand a chance against most but against Kuroneko she’s especially going down. What a shame.
  • Tsukiko match, nobody survives.
  • I didn’t know how to call SAO matches. Is it obnoxiously popular over there still as it is here? Will those girls destroy their matches and I’ve made a terrible mistake? Well in any case, I assume Asuna for sure has her match underwraps. Sorry Yukari.
  • Choi woo Choi!
  • Kanna woo Kann- oh. Hi, Saten.
  • Only two Milky Holmes characters. Sad. But after how bad S3 is, I don’t blame you. Hercule made it to round three in her first appearance and had surprisingly took out Eclair from Dog Days and Laura Bodewig but lost, unsurprisingly, to Madoka. Sherlock has had terrible luck so far though. First appearance she was placed against Kuroneko and second tournament she made it to round two but lost to Astarotte. I’ll be hoping for both of them!
  • And the Index match. Always most important to me. Her first two tournaments saw her lose in the first round to Azusa (who, again, went on to win that year) and Kanade the next year. 2011 she fared better and defeated Kirino and Eila which I thought impossible. Eventually she lost to Kyouko from Madoka.This year doesn’t seem very promising since Akari and Chinatsu are both main characters and all. I’m really hoping the votes will be split between them and Index will prevail.

  • I like Maria and Yukino but I don’t know if they’re strong enough to take their respective matches.
  • How popular was Hyouka with 2ch? Imas didn’t do as strongly as I had projected a few years ago and I doubt it’ll do that good this year as well so I think maybe Chitanda will have a shot?
  • Anko is adorable but Ayumu is was a strong performer. In recent years she hasn’t even made it past round one, losing to Yuuki Kataoka and Yui Hirasawa. Maybe Anko does have a shot after all.

So there we go. There’s how I feel about THAT. Will Saki dominate again? Will Girls und Panzer steal the show? Hopefully not but hey. There are two big, interesting matches that I’m actually really excited about. Which is nice since my interest has been dwindling for awhile.

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