Outer Science, Summertime Record and Kagerou Project’s End

With Outer Science and the Summertime Record PV, it seems that the music and PVs of Kagerou Project have come to an end. Jin stated that Outer Science would be the last PV so it was surprising when Summertime Records appeared early today. Both because it was so unexpected and because of the harsh nature of Outer Science, Summertime Records seemed especially melancholy.

My personal favourite theory I saw about Summertime Record was that it takes place after Outer Science only with Haruka/Konoha passing on and joining the rest of the gang in death. Possibly remembering joining the gang in those places and then at the end, with everybody having altered looks, with the spirits of those that had passed on before the timeline resets.

I really like the idea the music series could end on such a note since the lyrics hint that the time loop will start again. With this I hope, and a lot of other seem to be speculating as well, that the anime will feature a different, true ending. It might not be the happiest ending (Ayano and Hiyori could remain dead, Shintaro could die like in Route 1) but it will give a little more closure.

It was saddening when I thought Outer Science would be the last PV. Because that meant the (music) series ended on the worst possible note. Though we already knew what Outer Science was about and that Kuroha killed everybody, seeing it in PV was far worse. Though I imagine that when the anime airs that episode will be even more bitter thing to watch. Poor Mary.

For those that only followed the music videos without looking into the manga or novels, I can only imagine how little sense the story makes. Heck, I know the story and there are still so many unanswered questions and things I don’t understand. But theorizing is fun, you know? It’s been awhile since I could join a community and speculate about a series as it went on and have it really be fun. It used to be that way for Umineko before it became completely stupid (and, y’know, ended).

But the anime should answer a lot of questions and clear things up… hopefully. Well, I have no doubt that it will be handled fantastically. I can’t imagine SHAFT of all studios messing it up (unless it turns out to just be an OVA or something). That isn’t to say Jin’s story is completely solid. It’s told in a jarring, disjointed kind of way that bothers me but I still don’t think it’s terrible. The novelty of originally being told through music and so being mostly speculation was really charming.

So the series isn’t over. No need to fret there. It’s the possibility we won’t have any more Vocaloid (IA specifically) music from Jin. Now, I assume Jin has some connections over at SHAFT since they’re doing the anime because he also did an ending for the recent Monogatari series with Haruna Luna on vocals. I gotta say though it was really underwhelming. I could feel that it was a song by him but it just didn’t have the same appeal as his Vocaloid tracks. It might be because I don’t really like Haruna Luna but eh. Still, though I’m proud of how popular his work became and that he could go on to bigger and better opportunities (like DECO*27 did), it’s still sad to lose a talented producer. Ayano’s Happiness Theory and Toumei Answer and Shinigami Record are all just so sad sounding and I appreciate that kind of emotional depth out of something like Vocaloid. Sure, he isn’t the only one able of creating such a thing but I just notice it more and more with his creations.

Though we might be jumping the gun here. He showed off a PV or something of a new project awhile back but I don’t know what the details were for that. I doubt it’s Vocaloid related but if it was anything music related, I think I would still be more than pleased, I guess. Though if Monogatari was any indication, it looks like his music creating career is just beginning.

So I guess that’s it for now. I knew this story was coming to an end but it was still sad to actually happen and for Jin to admit it. Well, I mean it’s not technically over yet but not having any more music to wait for is a bit disheartening. Of course, I’ll always still have Mekakucity Records and Mekakucity Days and I don’t think I could ever get tired of either.

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