C3bu Episode 10 Impressions

Well, the title is a bit misleading since it’s about the series in general as of late. C3bu was a surprise. I only watched it because it was Gainax and Sawashiro was a main character. While it isn’t a brilliant, hidden gem, it’s still more than I expected.

Of course Yura changing history was never mentioned again which is a shame but I’m not sure that would be really interesting at all. What is interesting is… well, Yura! I’ve seen so many people hating on her and while I understand a bit of the anger directed at her, I don’t really agree.

Sure, she became really tryhard and No Fun Allowed but the rest of the C3bu (Sonora and Rento excluded) were not acting much better. They didn’t take into account how Yura felt and instead of making the situation better, they pushed her to the edge. They didn’t make it clear Rento was hurt, for one. Secondly, Yura wanted to do the right thing. Rather than accept a victory they did not earn, she told the truth and tried to make things right. This just made her team angry at her. Not telling them wasn’t right but trampling over how Yura felt about the matter was a pretty mean thing to do. They made her out to be the bad guy for trying to right wrongs. In that regard, I don’t blame her for leaving.

Not to mention Sonora noticed several times that Yura was acting strange and never really stopped to talk to her about it. She just kept letting it go despite the fact that she clearly noticed something was wrong.

Seriously though? It seems like Yura is really messed up. In her western/water fight fantasy she shot to kill one of her best friends and didn’t care at all. She was zoned out. You could say it was just the fantasy, the manifestation of her desire to win and that it was still just a game but it’s her almost dead seeming eyes and attitude that even Sonora notices that sets off alarm bells. If that wasn’t such a scene, I would note that there were less fantasies as the show went on. Because the fantasies were fun and what captured her interest in the first place? Winning became most important so she had no reason to indulge in make believe. Instead of pretending, she could just go out and win. Of course nobody feels the same, as well as the fact she doesn’t clearly care about anybody on either team and so she becomes alienated.

That itself isn’t a healthy behaviour but it’s little things that make her so worrisome. If this were anything else I would fully expect her to acquire a real gun at some point and kill someone for real. Standing in the empty battlefield and laughing to herself, going on to shoot another opponent while her teammate was just injured (reminiscent, perhaps, of during the aforementioned duel with Sonora when she ignored Rento and her focus was what defeated a distracted Sonora) as well as her treatment of her friends and that previously mentioned western fantasy, all make her seem deranged.

Though to be honest I felt really bad for her when she was sitting on the train and thinking how she wanted to be like Sonora or Rin but instead ended up all alone. Though it seemed like the point where she might realize the error of her ways and try to fix herself. Still, not gonna lie, I kind of want to see her spiral even more out of control and see if she really will start becoming destructive. Unlikely but hey, there are still three episodes. The show was only watchable because of Yura’s spiral to the dark side. Let’s not end that early and make the last episode or two super boring.

But of course, I expect any psychological problems will be resolved and forgotten once she realizes the Power of Friendship (since Rin pretty much hit the nail on the head about why she does what she does) and rejoins the C3bu. Probably resulting in her making a mad dash to stop Sonora from going abroad, thus ruining her chances at a successful career so she can remain a school idol and- oh whoops wrong show! Looks like all mad dashes to the airport, fuck-your-future-yay-friendship endings are complete bull.

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