Summer 2013 Final Impressions


I posted about this earlier so I don’t have that much to say, really. This was a weird show. Not in a good way. Sure, watching Yura’s decline from loner to newbie to tryhard to psycho was cool but it didn’t end up anywhere. She was Healing Anime’d and was suddenly fine. Though I have my doubts, of course cause that scene where they’re all about to call it a day and she messes with reality? That was messed up. Of course, it’s more of a “if we use our imagination anything is blah blah blah” but considering that she appeared to have changed history early on in the story, it seemed like she had rewritten reality itself for a brief period. It seems weird that they could have just all imagined it and were running around the forest shooting nothing.

I liked Yura well enough I guess. I liked her insecurity and though I don’t feel like she grew much, she certainly did change. Sonora didn’t leave much of an impression but Honoka (maybe sparing her since she cosplayed one of my favourite things), Yachiyo and Karila were all terrible. I complained about how selfish they were before (though they did realize that’s exactly how they were acting) but near the end of the series especially I groaned whenever they appeared. Especially Yachiyo.

But then you have Rento. With her strange voice but otherwise adorable. She proved time and time again that she was the only decent person in that club. She was constantly reaching out and trying to help Yura, even when she was pushed away. She constantly took the initiative to do something nice for Yura while the others were off being huge asses. Rento was great.

So C3bu was mediocre, good for maybe one or two chuckles with characters I mostly couldn’t stand. It had its moments but I can’t say I’ll particularly miss it.

(MAL still says there is one more episode but everybody else was saying this was the last one? I’ll amend this post if that’s the case though I doubt it’ll do much to change my opinion)

OK I take that back. The last episode was my favourite episode. It takes places before Yura goes all Dark Side. There’s a lot of nice Honoka fanservice (cosplayed a nun and has a rockin’ bod) too. Well, I was just happy Honoka got to do something since she and Rento were the only good two in that group. OK Yura and Sonora were fine (especially in this episode). I was happy seeing Karilla lose too. All in all, the rest of the show was messed up and weird but that last episode? 10/10

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

You know, I was going to say I enjoyed this show for what it was. Odd, kind of confusing at times, always pretty. Just nice all around. Might not remember it in awhile, might compare something to it down the line. Nothing special, nothing bad. I had an OK experience with Kaminai. Until the last 30 seconds of the last episode. The last 30 seconds of the last episode. That’s all it took. You were so close and you just… you just had to go and mess it up.

So let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about the last episode. There was some good things in it. Like Dee trying to reset the world again and how evil she looked trying to do so. The lead up to recreate the initial scene where she “died” and all of her classmates being freaked out was really good. Everything else? It sucked. It sucked real bad.

The twist that it was Alis who was dead all along? OK but that’s dumb. That is dumb. That is so stupid. How did he already have a body when he was dead? (I know why Dee was a ghost though) Why bother trying to sacrifice yourself, then, if you knew you could return to the real world without consequence? As he already had multiple times? How did he even have a body in the real world anyways? Since there was a body buried, right? He wasn’t ‘dead’ either since he was travelling with both Ai and Scar and they definitely would have known. So if you dug that grave up, would there be anything there? He knew at some point he had died because he knew he was already buried by a gravekeeper. I assume he already saw his grave, then. Why didn’t he write that down as a clue? If he did, wouldn’t Dee have known he was the actual dead student? Was the only clue he left behind like that the one Ai had found?

He was saved because God answered Ai’s wish to save him. I can buy that much. It still ruins the whole lead up to the scene where he supposedly ‘dies’. It was just a little sad seeing everybody say their goodbyes and stuff. Then whoops, not dead. But it also raises another question. What catch comes with God granting her wish? The theme of the story has been people wishing for stuff, being answered by God and then having it go wrong. So what’s the catch for reviving Alis? Too bad there won’t be another season and we’ll never find out.

Last arc aside, the ED was fantastic and it made Ai’s father’s death really sad at the beginning of the series. That’s what originally kept me watching it. The arcs afterwards ended really anti-climatically and the world seemed a much more innocent place then you would imagine (what with them just being able to leave Ortus without any conflict) given the circumstances in it.

Ai was an ok character but it was Yuri and Scar that I loved. I originally thought Scar would be a one-off character but she was apart of the main group and ended up being a cute mom and wow was Scar ever adorable and perfect. If I had to list the high points of this show, Scar would definitely be one of them. I also thought Yuri would disappear after her dad’s arc but nope. It was a pleasant surprise that he stuck around and that Scar became his new Waifu.

Heck, I didn’t find Alis all that compelling at first either but eventually he grew on me as well. Dee was kind of boring though I didn’t dislike her. It was pretty cool when she went into her “I’ll destroy the world” mode though.

There’s a 13th episode though I doubt it’ll add much to make me feel better about how this ended. If it means more of my precious waifu Scar, though, I’ll be happy enough though. Probably by that time I’ll just have a bad taste in my mouth when I think about this cop out ending but realize I overreacted and was just expecting too much. What a shame though. You know what, though? The episode just ended so bluntly and that’s apart of why I was so mad initially. Seeing an epilogue for the people in Ortus or the girls who had been at the school would have been nice, you know.

Despite what I said about the last 30 seconds ruining the show for me, I mostly enjoyed it. It had some neat ideas just executed poorly. I would have liked to seen more of the world rather than character arcs though. It seems unlikely we’ll ever get another season (though I’m curious about the consequences of Ai’s wish) and that’s kind of ok with me. Would I read the LN if I could? Heck yeah. The setting was kind of confusing at times and I might even be OK with how this ended if I read the details behind it. Unfortunately, that’s just as unlikely as a second season.

Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds ruined anime for me. I’m not excited about anything anymore. I just loved this show too much. It had it’s share of problems and the last episode certainly pointed that out by leaving a lot up to speculation and guessing rather than concrete answers. That itself is fun in small doses but here? Not so much.

Though it’s kind of to be expected. The show was always about delivering a few different messages rather than focusing completely on characters and details. Does that mean that most of the charcters, even side ones, didn’t have depth or growth? No, they definitely did. We saw that in the recap and we saw that with the prime minister. Did the show feel like it was supposed to be about CROWDs and the message to be cautious of the internet, not forget our humanity and all that instead of being about Gatchaman? Definitely. Not that I minded. More of the gang doing gatcha stuff would have been nice though.


It’s the end itself that seems to be causing so much problems. Did OD die? I kinda feel like he did since his NOTE was actually destroyed while Jou’s was just ripped out? Which is a bit weird, isn’t it? Was Katse just worried about being defeated or was he so angry that he just went ahead and did it? Why didn’t he just kill Jou in the first place? He had no real reason to let him live, right?

And how did Katse merge with Hajime? I’m assuming that’s what happened. I originally thought he was her little necktie but that’s silly, she just went up a grade and that was the colour assigned to her. I believe he’s actually inside her. She said she didn’t want to kill him and she didn’t technically. She stopped him from going on and trying to corrupt someone else and try and destroy earth again. It came at a price and she has to live with that in her head all the time but since she’s so optimistic and clear-headed, I don’t think it would affect her as much? Which is why he was so frustrated.

So I think he was maybe tricked? Like, “if you can change my mind or corrupt me you win or blah blah” something like that. I can’t see why he would agree to such a deal or how she would even go about doing it but she did. Her phone call with her mom seems to confirm this for me. Immediately after her call with her mom she probably went on her date with Katse and that’s when they became one.

But I’ve heard hearsay that the site says she’s listed as having a Designer NOTE which apparently can (or is speculate to) alter reality? So maybe whatever she was going to write at the end of the episode was related to her merging with Katse?

Rui was fantastic in the last episode. I mean he was great throughout the whole show but he especially shined here. He witnessed so many things and was even tortured himself and I originally thought he would become evil but he stayed good throughout and was devout to his ideals no matter what. While I can imagine giving everyone a CROWD might be a bad idea (and at the end it seems like it has caused some problems), seeing everybody do good (even if it was for a selfish reason like reputation or points) with their CROWD was really nice.

If only there had been another episode. I wanted to see how Utsutsu dealt with OD’s death and what became of Jou, Rui and Sugane. Just to see where they were a year later. Well, on top of all the Katse/Rui stuff.

Originally, what sold me on the show was not only the designs but that Taku Iwasaki was involved. Seeing Iwasaki’s name on something is enough to get me to watch almost anything. And here? The soundtrack was stellar. Ziel der Hydra, Music goes on, Crowds, Gotchaman~In the name of Love and Unbeatable Network? Ugnnnf I still get excited listening to it. Unbeatable Network though is especially amazing. I was disappointed, a little bit, that it’s first appearance was during the Paipai section of that recap in episode 11. Though hearing that to the scene of Paipai manning up when he saw his little kids were in trouble was amazing. I would probably go as far as to say that it’s my favourite track of anything I’ve heard Iwasaki do. It just conveys so much emotion and spirit.

There are supposedly some announcements coming up about the series. I feel like an S2 is almost impossible and I wouldn’t even get my hopes up but and OVA seems likely. A manga series would be cool too if it fleshes out the last episode a bit more. I feel like a light novel would be especially good in that regard but I can’t read it so hey, whatever I guess.

I looked forward to this series every week. I absolutely loved Hajime and found her to be such a refreshing character. I’m still unsure how I feel about the ending but I still loved the series. It was a treat for my optimistic side, for the side that wants to love and believe in people like Hajime and Rui do. Would I call this one of my favourites or AOTY? Not really. But it’s definitely a show I’ll always remember and look fondly on for being such a great and wonderful surprise.

Attack on Titan

I actually forgot to write about this in my final impressions because, well, it’s not like I have that much to say. I also didn’t write about it when I first watched it because I hadn’t planned on watching it. Tumblr just wouldn’t shut up about it though and I gave in. Also because Marina Inoue and Yuu Kobayashi were in it.

I gotta say I was entertained at the very least. The pacing was often very wonky but they covered like eight volumes in 25 episodes so I imagine they had to cut a lot. I was kinda annoyed they only showed the Wall Titan for a second at the end but for a moment I was worried they weren’t going to show it at all.

After awhile I was kind of bored of Eren but there were also other times I really liked him a protagonist. Times where he was being a dork, or unsure of himself or got his ass handed to him. I just didn’t like him more than Armin, Jean and of course the best character of them all, Mikasa. Heck, by the end I even kind of sympathized with Annie. Like, not enough to excuse what she did or anything but still, I felt bad for her circumstances.

But you know? Even if I did enjoy this, some people (tumblr) need to stop acting like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I was spoiled despite holding out for a long time and boy does it ever get stupid. Hella stupid. The author said he hoped to end it by volume 20 and we’re at volume 11 though I wouldn’t be surprised if he used some asspull to finish the series off. Am I expecting a satisfying, “I can buy that” kind of conclusion? Definitely not.

I assume a second season is only a matter of time but it’s odd they haven’t said anything about it yet. They covered up to volume eight and there are eleven volumes out right now so there isn’t enough material for anything soon (unless they start making anime original stuff and GOD this stuff is ridiculous enough as it is, don’t bring that into the mix). Still, there’s a bunch of big reveals I want to see animated so I guess I’ll just wait patiently.

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