Albatrosicks – First Album Review

With this I’ve organized the categories a little better. There is a new music category which was the old music section from ‘other’ downloads have been moved under there but that doesn’t mean that the downloads there are limited to music. They usually are so why not move it there? Expect a few awesome additions to LS in the coming days to the first year anniversary of Loli Salad (It’s not for another week or two though).

  1. Dou Mite mo Manpou Desu
    This track is pretty much it. When you heard this you hear the whole album. Because the whole album pretty much sounds exactly the same. But that’s not bad. Because two of the greatest people who contribute to IOSYS, ARM and miko, are working together. But let’s stop talking about the generality of this album and specifically this track. This song is definitely reminiscent of miko’s (her name is without a capital, I hate when people think I’m too illiterate) IOSYS work. Like most of the songs on this album she does the vocals. The guys contribute a little too but it’s her cutesy vocals that shine.
  2. Strawberry Love Generator
    Even still, miko’s vocals are nostalgic to anyone who listens to IOSYS. N-Not that I do! Of c-course not! Shut up! [/tsuntsun] I’m sure if you’ve heard a Albatrosicks song it’s this one. This is the single you could say. It’s pretty catchy and the flash is super cute. Honestly, one of the reasons I was interested in this album and band. miko’s character is someone I’m totally interested in. Same with Dr.ARM. The song is catchy but it’s bland. It has no drama in it. No bumps, It’s just a long, flat ride.
  3. Ekitai Kinzoku Hiyoko
    This is one of my favorite tracks. Quim (I think…) gets in on the action in this one. It’s kinda bland too. But I can imagine danmaku with their little pink ship with this song. No more bullet hell for me! =3=
  4. Dreamin’ Trip
    This song is a little slower and easy going than the previous songs. It lives right up to the title. It’s one of my favorite tracks after 03 and 12 as well.
  5. Tenderless Loneliness
    This one leads the songs back into a famillar pattern. miko (I think…) changes her voice a little so it isn’t so cutesy. That makes this song a little bit worth listening. But normal miko’s normal voice kinda gets annoying after awhile.
  6. Tatakai no Uta
    Unlike the other songs, this one has a more rockish feel. Because Quim leads up most of the parts you got to believe that’s why. This song is really cool and kinda… creepy. Seriously. It’s shortness is it’s downfall. It’s short and very, very repetitive. Not a win/win situation.
  7. Pastel Color no Umiso Bokujou
    Pa-Paa-Paaa! Pa-Paa-Paaa! What a messed up song. I believe this song is the little birdies that appear with miko in the flash. You can hear miko in many parts though, so I wonder if it’s just her singing the whole time. Anyways, this is a sped up version so (near the end, really) they sound like chipmunks. It’s the exact same length as the last song but it’s a different story; the repetitive chanting in the small voices is wonderful. Pa-Paa-PAAA~!
  8. Veritas
    This one is more hyper trance than the previous songs. I like the guitar in this one too. I’ll have to look back and see if it was there all along. miko uses her not-cutesy voice once again.
    This one is a litle strange. It reminds me of a Final Fantasy remix album I heard… hm… the Chocobo song I think? I’m not famillar with Final Fantasy so I’m not sure. But this is the band titled song. Too bad it doesn’t stand out much.
  10. Affirmation
    This song is slower too. Kinda slow-paced. Plus the mixing of their vocals is really beautiful. I couldn’t tell who she was singing with. Dr.ARM doesn’t sing (right?) and it didn’t sound like Quim, I’m pretty sure it’s Quim because of when he sings later on in the song. This isn’t the only song where miko sounds like VOCALOID2, Hatsune Miku. If she wasn’t so roboticy and gappy between notes sometimes. miko = Miku?! Anyways, this is really the standout song on this album after the amazing track 12.
  11. Tengoku no Umi wa
    If I thought Dr.ARM sang I’d think it would be this time. But Arm just does arranges, right? (In IOSYS he does the noticeable trancy/dance songs like Taboo Tears You Up or Power of Dream) If I didn’t know better I’d think Hatsune Miku two different people were singing this song. Because miko’s small speaking parts are so moe I want to die.
  12. Manpou no Chuusin de, Ai wo Utau
    Yes, the crowing achievement. This is unlike every other song on this album. EVERY SONG. It’s the greatest. Albatrosicks, if you do another album (please god, do), make more songs like this. PLEASE. This song is slow and ballad like. Yes, it’s definately a ballad. miko does her normal voice (normal = not cutesy) and Quim is backup vocals. It’s a very sad sounding song. For sure, the best was saved for last.

Fang’s Rating: 8½/10


  • painc

    August 17, 2008

    It’s “manbou”, as in the ocean sunfish, which looks suspiciously like that pink and white spaceship, except not so pink and white.

    Anyway, I’m surprised someone liked track 12, it’s actually by far my least favorite on the album…but tastes vary from person to person, I suppose.

    But that said I’m also very curious if the second album is better than the first.

  • Fang-tan

    August 18, 2008

    Oh really? My bad. I’ll fix it. I really liked track 12! miko’s voice was annoying after awhile. But now because of this album I can’t listen to the new IOSYS album (particularly the last track) without thinking about Albatrosicks!

    I haven’t gotten my hands on the second album yet but I think because if I get it this week then I’ll share it here. The flash tracks were pretty good and there seems to be some diversity unlike this album unfortunately lacked.

  • painc

    August 18, 2008

    Haha cool. I found your site by googling for albatrosicks, btw, if you’re curious. :)

    I’m going to admit I like tracks 2 and 4 the most on the first album, not sure what that says about me, ahaha.

    If you’re curious about how miko sounds without that voice filter on all the time, she’s narrating some anime song tv show this week with online streaming…It’s that big banner that’s on the albatrosicks front page right now. — If your connection isn’t ridiculously fast I suggest going with the 500K and not the 1M version.

    I guess she also does her own radio program but i’m too lazy to look into it.

  • Fang-tan

    August 19, 2008

    I always see ads on Nico Nico featuring miko. Was it for her radio program? Weird.
    Two is a favorite as well but I think it was the flash attached to the song. Just like I’m looking forward to the second track on Planet Liberation. I like the songs where Quim is the leading vocals.
    But I’m getting hold of C74 material very slowly. Haha.

  • MrThou

    August 21, 2008

    Wow, miko’s voice makes her sound very young…maybe like 15 or 16. XD

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