RWBY S1 Final Impressions

It’s kind of funny that I’m so behind on everything I’m supposed to be watching this season but still found time to marathon RWBY. Well, to be fair most episodes are under 10 minutes and overall the whole season is about over an hour long. I had watched a bit at the beginning when it first came out (after months of trepidation and excitement) but waiting all week to watch such a short show was a bit of a chore. So, I marathoned the show just before The Stray so I could watch the finale.

I was a bit confused about whether or not this was the real season finale or the midseason finale but the Rooster Teeth store ships the 1st season discs within a few days so it’s the whole first season.

Given the short format and the total runtime equaling that of a short movie, you really shouldn’t go in expecting some top notch drama and character building. It’s there, and you do you see characters grow a little teensy but not enough that it’s really going to change your opinion if you don’t like them right away. Well, I did end up liking Blake a lot more than I did initially and though the reveal wasn’t that surprising, it was a nice bit of depth to her character. Though it felt as if it came out of left field since the only person with less screen time than her was Yang.

There were a lot of things I did enjoy about this so lets look at some of the cons. Some of the anime-style non-CG additions were a bit cringeworthy. Especially at the beginning. They don’t appear much after and the 2D flashback in the last episode was pretty nice, I guess. I think too much time was spent on Jaune and that definitely could have waited until after the main girls of RWBY themselves were fleshed out. I feel like there’s a lot unexplored with them, particularly Ruby and Yang. Weiss got a bit of insight about her past and there was a lot of focus on Blake in the last episode so I don’t feel as shafted about them.

I know a lot of people had problems with the voice acting but I really enjoyed it. Penny was a bit odd but I think that it added to her robotic charm. Jaune was a bit annoying but I guess he grew on me. My biggest complaint would by Pyrrha who always sounded completely stiff. It might have been intentional rather than a fault of her voice actress. Sure, lots of the cast sounded amateurish at times but I think that added a lot of charm and helped them deliver lines in a way that added to the comedy of a scene.

The music? Well I actually want to listen to the real OST before passing any judgement but I absolutely love the vocals tracks featuring his daughter. I always, always watched the OP because I just loved it too dang much. Mirror Mirror is my favourite of the intro trailers though and I think that’s her strongest vocal performance.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was the action. The fights were well choreographed and always really exciting. Special mentions have to go to Sun’s fight in the last episode. His gun staff was kinda awesome, right? Penny was OP though and that was kind of an anticlimactic end to the fight but hey whatever, it was awesome to the end.

I’m looking forward to the next season, whenever that happens to be. I imagine the tournament arc will be even more action packed but the last episode managed to set up so many hooks that I really hope it’s more than just “fight these guys, do it really badass too”. Who does Penny belong to and what is her purpose? Who are those cool people (the green one had such a great design unf) with Cinder? Who will Gavin voice? The questions go on and on.

Will I be able to watch such short episodes on time over and over? Yeah and I’ll be waiting eagerly until then.

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