Legend of Korra S2 Episode 10 Impressions

Two posts about western shows in a row? Here’s my aniblogger badge because I am DONE.

Korra’s season finale is in like four episodes which is only two weeks because I think they’re airing two episodes next week? If they’re anything like this, I imagine it’ll be quite a doozy. Still, I probably could have waited to write a lot of this up. The end of episode 10 was just so good though that I had to get some of this off my chest before the season finale happens.

I have a lot of problems with this show. A lot. A whole dang lot. I’m not going to go into it right now though because if I do I won’t really need to write a season finale post. But to give you an idea, I think the things about this show that are terrible and bad far, far out number the good. Which is why I didn’t even do a post about the beginning when it aired. It only got worse. Good characters got turned to terrible characters (I’m looking at you Asami and Bolin) and everybody just continued to do stupid frustrating things. It sucked from the beginning and just kept getting worse.

Until episode seven where things took a turn for the better. Ha! I actually marathoned episodes 7-10 and they ended up being FANTASTIC so this is actually a post about me gushing about those four episodes instead of just episode 10!

This episode, Beginnings, was a two parter that showed the story of the very first Avatar, Wan. The art style took a little shift and it was both really nice to look at AND Wan was a really good character. In two episodes (that span 2-3 years) you could see his growth. I imagine at least a year has passed in Korra’s time and she hasn’t changed at all. Those two episodes were absolutely fantastic and helped recreate the spirit of the first season. One of adventure, more closely aligned with the spirits and where character development is apparent and sticks.

I thought that after those two episodes I might as well stop watching since there was no way this show, after disappointing me for six episodes prior, could possibly top that. However, Korra shows up where the only good characters are (Tenzin’s family) and settles things between them. Without Mako or her family around, Korra’s actually a pretty decent character. She realizes the error of her ways and apologizes and yay.

Jinora taking Tenzin’s place was really cool because we saw Jinora up to stuff really early on this season and I expected it had to go somewhere but it was a surprise that she ended up playing such a big role. She’s the most charming of the three siblings so I was happy she got more screen time.

It helps that the whole spirit world section between Korra and Jinora was pretty cool. Korra realizing the error of her ways and controlling herself to help change the world was some growth that was way overdue. Changing to a child and meeting actual, original Iroh was another favourite. Though it was a bit sad to see Iroh without his original voice actor, it was nice to see him guiding someone else. Particularly the child Avatar.

And when things went to pot and Korra was forced to leave with Jinora? As much as I had hated and complained about everything in the show, that last scene was pretty heartbreaking. Tenzin trying to wake his daughter up, having his worst fear realized and Korra only being able to look on in tears and not able respond? I will give this show credit where credit is due. Just like last season with Beifong’s bending being taken away, they’re able to tug at your emotions perfectly when they want to.

I like the setup with this. Will Tenzin turn on Korra and blame her or angst about his inability to enter the Spirit World in her place? I imagine that he’ll likely unlock the ability to enter the world to go save Jinora which is kinda disappointing since I was hoping it was something they could manage on their own without being saved again.

This’ll probably also give Korra some newfound resolve and she’ll head to the South Pole in a rage to kick her uncle’s ass into next week. At least I hope so. If she just mopes around, it’ll be kinda disappointing. Still, I think this is gonna give her a push and lead to another really cool fight.

Or maybe things won’t be resolved with the dark spirit and the next season will be Korra vs. the now unleashed chaos? I think that might be interesting instead of another “WE MOVED ON, NEXT CHALLENGE, EQUALISTS WHO??” kinda season. I find that rather unlikely though. But with two episodes airing this friday and the final two airing the week after, I’m kinda hoping it’s all very big and exciting and there’s no dawdling about to save Jinora.

I really don’t give a single flip about what Mako, Asami or Bolin does. They’re all terrible now. Mako was always terrible. Even when you thought he might not be completely terrible, nope. Worst character ever. So now Makosami might be endgame, I’m cool with that. If not they’re just messing around and Asami will be hurt again and Korra will end up with someone who doesn’t deserve her. Not like Korra was that great in their relationship either but really, nobody deserves to be stuck with Mako, right?

To be honest it’s annoying this is such a big thing. Let it be over. No more terrible romantic subplot. Who really enjoys it? What made these last four episodes great was the minimal amount of Mako though when he did appear it they were waving that Makosami around. Bolin’s “Korra left a week ago!” comment in disbelief was pretty great though.

Well, I’m impressed for now. Let’s see how the show squanders it away, focuses on stupid romantic bullshit and probably has Korra return to being a terrible character.

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