Korra Season Two Final Impressions

Hey! Wrote this back in November or December around when Korra ended and I was so disappointed, disillusioned, and disinterested (and any other word beginning with dis you can imagine) with Korra that I didn’t finish completely writing this and post it. So before I watch the beginning of S3 and force myself to write something up on that, here’s a few of my numerous complaints with the wreck that was S2.

Korra was a show that I’ve wanted to love since S1. ATLA was so good and it seemed like this show should be a perfect successor. As it stands, they don’t even deserve to be compared. Korra is just that bad.

I’ve said a lot about it and I don’t have much time so I’ll just get down to it.

Pretty much every character is terrible. I’d say the exception being Tenzin and his family. The two non-airbending children of Aang got a lot of screentime this season and though their feud with Tenzin dragged on, it was still more interesting than everything else going on. Seeing Tenzin interact with his children in individual episodes was nice too.

Korra? Well Korra is still a naive fool and her development is scarce if anything. Mako? Still a goddamn snake in the grass. Asami was a great character who became terrible by trying to jump on that awful Mako D after he and Korra had only been broken up a week. Remember when he cheated on you? Not important, I guess.

Bolin gets thrown into an abusive relationship but because it’s female abuse towards a male, it’s played for laughs and not taken very seriously. Had it been reversed and their genders switched? There’s no way they’d get away with that. I find this even more egregious since it’s a children’s show. Female on male abuse isn’t taken seriously by a lot of people and playing such relationships up for a laff in a kid’s show is a pretty awful idea.

And you know, I was disappointed both with the show and myself. Because when Eska (logically) changed sides and it seemed she was back with Bolin, despite her terrible treatment of him, I was kinda enjoying the idea of them as a couple. Without the abusive elements, it was perfectly fine. Even though Bolin himself at the end was being unfair to Ginger who he had been lusting over this entire time.

Varrick was an interesting character though I was disappointed he became the bad guy. Would have been nice to have a good guy character to, you know, root for.

And the story? Dark Avatar? Are you fucking kidding me? This is some fanfic level shit. I’m pretty sure I could go to FF.net and after sifting through piles of garbage on the level of the story actually in the show, I could find something better written and with a better plot.

I had praised the few episodes before the last four but just like S1, the show is excellent at having one scene that manipulates my emotions and teases me with a semblence of decency. Like Beifong losing her bending in S1, Jinora not coming back from the spirit world was a sad scene and why I’d say Tenzin’s family is some of the best character.

The one good thing we can take away from this is Korra and Mako broke up. Hallelujah thank you Avatar. If they GENUINELY drop the relationship forever and don’t pull a “will they, won’t they” dealio, well I’ll be a happy camper. For real, if they hadn’t at least given me that I don’t think I could find any reason to come back for season three.

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