12 Days of Anime: #01 – Gotchaman~In the name of Love

I was going to do a seperate post talking about all the soundtracks I loved this year but due to previously mentioned time restraints, I don’t think I’ll be able to. There were so many I loved this year that it’s ridiculous. The (1st) Attack on Titan soundtrack is probably the most listened to non-Taku Iwasaki OST ever for me, for one. Tamako Market, Gargantia, Hataraku Maou-sama, Kill la Kill, Chihayafuru, and probably countless others were all so fantastic. Kotoura-san and and Shin Sekai Yori get honourable mentions because they have a few really great tracks but were overall really hit or miss.

But the soundtrack of the year for me is obviously Taku Iwasaki’s Gatchaman Crowds soundtrack. I couldn’t shut up about and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Sure, I’ve probably listened to the Attack on Titan soundtrack a billion times as well but I think I’ll probably love this one forever and every track on it, whereas that one is only a few I really, REALLY love.

I initially loved the main theme, Music Goes On and, of course, Unbeatable Network. I’d go as far as to say that Unbeatable Network is one of his best songs and manages to perfectly capture and display the feel of triumph and rising above all odds. It was a shame it’s first apperance in the show was in a flashback but eventually it does play in a perfectly fitting scene. Even after listening and listening, I discovered how great songs like Crowds and Sacrifice were.

It wasn’t even just the BGM tracks. The OP, Crowds, had me from the beginning (it’s a shame the full version is so short) and while I didn’t like INNOCENT NOTE very much at first because the chorus wasn’t as great as the rest of the song, even that eventually grew on me. Now I love it!

Plus! To make it really better (if that’s even possible), an album with remixes and possibly unreleased tracks is coming out early next year. Plus an S2? Can Iwasaki top himself? This hopeless fangirl isn’t sure.

So yeah. Kicking off my twelve days is an album I’m unabashedly in love with.

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