12 Days of Anime: #03 – Unlikely Love Song

As far as badass Precure moments go, I’m sure this doesn’t even rank the top 10. And there were a lot of good/sweet/cute moments I could have chosen in DDP (the episode where Raquel falls in love was a close second) but this just stood out to me.

Though I’ve loved Precure from a far, I thought watching a series (let alone all of them) was too daunting and I would never be able to get into it. I tried to watch Smile but couldn’t keep up and quickly fell behind on it. DokiPre, however, managed to keep my attention and will be the first Precure series I finish. I know it’s not really liked by people who have seen a lot of other Precure series and I recognize it’s faults and problems but you know? I still love it.

I didn’t think I would and I was really against it when I started since I thought the designs weren’t that good but now, 11 months later, I think it’ll always be my favourite. Even if only because it will have sentimental value.

Well, that’s unrelated and I’ll get into that in a month or so.

Ai’s arc started off boring but ended up with a ton of really good episodes (the 2nd half overall is way better than the first) so I hoped the final Regina arc could be just as good. And the very first episode (40)  into that arc? Fantastic.

I thought going with Sword of all people first was a bit of an odd choice but man did it ever work. After being trapped by Regina and watching her friends get beat up, Makoto starts singing her corny song to try and reach Regina. Makoto is released and starts walking towards Regina who starts getting “the feels” and freaks out and orders Ira, Mammo and the Selfishness to stop her. The other Precures intercept and fight the three off while Makopi, without flinching, continues toward Regina while they fight around her.

To top it off, Makoto reaches Regina who tries to hit her with the spear. Makoto grabs it with one hand and transforms piece by piece into Cure Sword to finish singing her song face to face with Regina.

Of course, it’s only the beginning of the arc so of course it only manages to shake her heart a bit and the group flees. But what a scene! It was completely unexpected and such a great moment for a character (Makopi) that’s changed a lot since her initial apperance. It left such an impression on me. More than anything else in the series had.

I wondered, how could they possibly top that? Why put such a climatic, emotional scene first? Well the next episode was an Alice episode where they fly planes into space to fight a monster like that one from that one Sailor Moon movie so they really outdid themselves in a a way, I guess.

Though it was from a very recent episode, it was still one of my favourite moments of the series and deserves note.

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