12 Days of Anime: #06 – Guest of Honour

One of my days this year was already about Precure and so will another be! I was really disappointed with the guests at AX this year since most weren’t relative to my interests. Then there was one small, sneaky concert that was the highlight of all guests for me. As soon as she was announced, I grew more and more excited until I could barely contain myself when the concert finally happened (there was a lot of irl squealing beforehand). And while it was short, hearing Aya Ikeda do a medley of her Precure songs was amazing. While Carat was a bit of a strange experience, when they were actually all on stage doing idol-y stuff, it was pretty alright.


I doubt I’ll be able to gop back to AX for awhile (if ever again) and it was such a fun experience meeting people from Twitter, shopping, going to the Skullgirls panel, playing games and getting tons of streetpasses. I wish I could go again but since I can’t, I’ll just enjoy the memories and know that I traveled to a different country to watch Aya Ikeda sing Precure songs. And really, isn’t that the important thing?

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