12 Days of Anime: #07 – Marble Phantasm

C3bu wasn’t a very good show. But for awhile, there was the possibility it could have been a great show. And that started with episode four where things took an incredibly weird turn.

In three it seemed like the daily life was gonna begin and it was starting to be a cute girls doing cute things kinda show but what actually happened in four? Yura gets Sonora’s gun and it appears to her as a young samurai who was killed in a fight. Yura eventually saves him by shooting the arrow meant to kill him. Ok, so it’s just weird and a method of showing Yura growing, right? But Rento ends up seeing a part of it and later on at their club meeting, it seems as if she changed history itself and prevented the samurai from dying when he did?

Who had expected this show to have a supernatural angle when it first started? Well, the thing is, it didn’t. There were parts where Yura seemed to change or affect reality itself (such as when she turned the whole school against them and into one big airsoft match) but it was never really explained or commented on.

Otherwise, had Rento not seen it and the comments about the samurai living had not been made, we could chalk this up to Yura’s mental instability as after this she grew more and more unbalanced. Which was another unexpected turn since it was one of the un-moest things you could prob do and that’s kinda rad. But it’s still not that good an episode.

Alternatively: While the unbalanced/crazy Yura arc may have ended on a whimper, the last episode was of OVA quality and was just pure silliness. Honoka suddenly became the best character and it was wonderful. I don’t know if I would have stuck around had the whole show been like that because it was crazy Yura keeping me hanging on but it was way better than whatever I had imagined the last episode to be.

I was sorely tempted to make the last episode one of my choices but episode four raised so many questions and was so unexpected that I really respected that and had to include it.

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