12 Days of Anime: #08 – On The Big Screen

After watching Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu, I feel like that is the perfect movie to cap off a series that already had a good ending. Like the OVA before it, it added to an ending that was already solid. Building out more in a way that adds to your experience but isn’t necessary to watch because it doesn’t change the series before, just gives you an enhanced ending. If you liked the show as it was, you can watch the movie and it won’t ruin anything.

Unlike Rebellion. Which, while entertaining, ruined my image of Homura and created a cool new version. But I’ve gone over this already and I’ll probably go over it a million times again. It’s a bit funny because this post is about the Madoka movies and how the first two made me love Homura. Kinda funny how that worked out, then.

Actually I just wanted to include the three movies in my 12 Days not necessarily for their content but for the fact that I was able to watch them in a movie theatre, on a big screen. It was unlike anything else. Sure, I’d already seen the original Madoka series a few times but watching it in such a way with little additions made to the original was just so cool. And though I didn’t like parts of Rebellion, it was still even more of an experience to see it in all its grandiose and exciting glory.

I can’t imagine another time or movie that I might get to see like this. Sure, it’s not the first time they played such movies in a theatre but I don’t care about Eva enough to ever go see them when they rarely end up here. So I think it’s special enough to include a mention here.

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