12 Days of Anime: #09 – Music S.T.A.R.T

One show I never expected to like was Love Live. The first thing I heard about it was something about girls dancing into traffic. I can’t say anymore what really sparked my interest but I started watching it and something kept me hanging on. There was something silly about it and there were a lot of parts that made me angry (WHY WOULD YOU RUIN KOTORI’S LIFE LIKE THAT) but overall it was fun and cute and sure whatever. Go watch Love Live it’s good sure.

The reason I’m including it in my 12 Days is that I’m sure a lot of us didn’t know what Love Live was before this. But it was a thing. And though I was only mildly interested in the music at first, I ended up downloading every μ’s album I could and once I started I couldn’t stop.

The music of μ’s is fantastic. IM@S music has always been hit or miss for me. Most of it wasn’t my taste at all. I find it hard to compare the two since one had to have music suitable for a game and the other could be whatever it wanted. Just overall though, I pretty much can listen to any μ’s track and be happy where I don’t want anything to do with IM@S music. So take that as you will.

So, after downloading all of the tunes I could, I listened to the solo albums. Everyone was really good, Nozomi and Nico being my least favourite but hey whatever. Then I got to Rin Hoshizora. A character who was goofy and silly in the anime and not much more than that. I didn’t expect much. Boy. Was I ever floored. Her solo tracks were amazing. She actually sounds good, with personality and character and a lot more mature than I would have expected. It was because of this that a character who was a minor main character ended up my favourite of all the girls.

Pictured: the best love live of them all

And while Rin isn’t popular as expected, she did place fourth in the voting for the centre of the 6th single, Music S.T.A.R.T. So is a future where we see Rin leading a PV and single so unlikely? It may be awhile but when that day comes I’ll probably be beside myself with happiness.

So to sum it up, μ’s is fantastic, I can’t pick a favourite song and Rin is definitely the best girl.

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