Fang’s Favourites of 2013

A new year is here and what could possibly be a better time to reflect on some animes?

Favourite OP

Almost a trick question because it was hard to choose.

mousou express from Monogatari
Syncromania from Galilei Donna
CROWDS from Gatchaman Crowds
Watashi no Bara wo Kuuminasai from Rozen Maiden
Mukai Kaze from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Small worldrop from RDG

Hakushi Kassai Uta Awase from Katanagatari (re-airing)
While the animation for the OP is nothing but reused clips, the song itself is by Supercell and appropriately awesome for that. The original two openings were fantastic but once this song got in my head, I couldn’t stop listening.

Favourite ED

Again, this was a tough choice but we have a clear winner this time!

Sora to Kimi no Message from Suisei no Gargantia,
Alternative from Rozen Maiden
Neguse from Tamako Market
Unknown Vision from Maoyuu Maou Yusha
Dou Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai from Watamote
Kotonoha from Katanagatari (Re-Airing)
Tsuki Hana from Hataraku Maou-sama

Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita. from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Two chances to post this within a few weeks? Score.

Favourite* OST

*that wasn’t Gatchaman Crowds because that already won as my favourite OST as the year

Suisei no Gargantia
Tamako Market
Hataraku Maou-sama
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
Kyousougiga 1
Kill la Kill

Attack on Titan
Haha YEAH I went for the goofy choice. Well, the random english tracks were weird in the show at the time but I came to love DOA because I just have a weakness for Aimee B. However tracks like ət’æk 0N tάɪtn, Bauklötze and especially Vogel im Käfig are all either dramatic, intense or just plain haunting. It may seem like a laughable choice but two of those tracks alone make this soundtrack pretty good.

Favourite Female Character

Miusel from Outbreak Company
Mari Maya from Samurai Flamenco
Chihaya Ayase from Chihayafuru
Chiho Sasaki from Hataraku Maou-sama
Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill
Lady Koto from Kyousougiga
Koto from Kyousougiga
Maria Akizuki from Shinsekai Yori
Rikka Hishikawa from Doki Doki Precure
Big Sister Maid from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds
Aw ye my girl Hajime. Who didn’t see that coming, huh? I’m firmly in the camp of people who think that Hajime is wonderful and great. I loved her bubbly and energetic personality. How she just adapted to everything immediately, tried to see things from different perspectives and work things out in the simplest way. She’s the kind of person I wish to be more like. Optimistic no matter what the situation and always, always considering what someone else might be going though. At the time, she was a refreshing character but I think I’ll probably like her forever.

Favourite Male Character

Runners Up:
Shinichi Kanou from Outbreak Company
Ira Gamagoori from Kill la Kill
Miyuki Sagara from RDG
Rui Ninomiya from Gatchaman Crowds
Sadao Maou from Hataraku Maou-sama

Ledo from Suisei no Gargantia
At first this was difficult because I’m normally interested in watching stuff for the ladies, ay, right so I wasn’t sure who to include aside from a few obvious choices. Then I remembered Ledo, who was far cuter and more moe than anybody else on that show. He was just generally a likable guy too which was weird but man it’s hard to deny his growth as a character was great. Chamber was great too but I figured it was wrong to give this spot to someone who wasn’t even human.

If S2 isn’t about moe Ledo doing moe things I’m going to be so disappointed.

Favourite Movie*

*Wolf Children is disqualified because nothing else could stand up to Wolf Children
** And also it had to be one I watched this year, regardless of when it actually came out

Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu
I did say that this was the perfect movie addon. Not just fluff but something that could make the ending even better than it was. Despite that, you could still just watch the series and neither this or the OVA and still be fine. Either one is fine for viewing. I really respect that.

While I was waiting for it to hit the fan, the movie was actually more tame than expected. It didn’t have the complete hopelessness of the show and that’s in part to Kurisu being such a great protagonist. Suzuha seemed so out of place though. Still, the end result was sweet even if the methods of getting there were a little… uh… strange. (Kurisu he was like 13 TOPS)


Madoka Magica: Rebellion
Okay yeah maybe this movie made me mad and I wasn’t happy with some of it but it’s hard to deny that it was an experience. It did have some moments I really liked and seeing the five of them be happy together was really nice. And hey, as a Sayaka fan I think things could have definitely gone worse.

So what if it’s the opposite of the Steins;Gate movie? It was still really cool to see and before the movie drives off a cliff into a ravine, it’s pretty nice.

Favourite Terrible Show

Diabolik Lovers
Hair cutting*
Dangan Ronpa

I can’t believe I watched this garbage. I can’t believe girls are supposed to find some of this stuff romantic. If I would have been playing the game, I would have went for none of them. I would have thrown my psp out my window.

But hey, I’m older and wiser now. I know that it’s not as bad as Diabolic Lovers.



Nagi no Asukara
Well, it’s not as bad as Amnesia but eh. It’s not a good show and I’m watching it because it’s so dumb and I want to make fun of it. I don’t care about 90% of the characters and from the looks of it, the second part will ruin the characters I DO like.

Maybe something weird will happen and the second half will be really good? Doubtful but you never know.

Waifu of the Year

Shiori Asagiri from Tamako Market
Jude Mathis from Tales of Xilia 2
Asako Natsume from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Scar from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

A very close second

Miusel Foalan from Outbreak Company
Sorry, Scar. Scar surprised me by being cuter than I could have ever guessed. Not even in my wildest dreams did I expect her to be so adorable. But then Miusel appeared and stole her crown. Miusel made Outbreak Company. Without her being so perfect, there was no way I could have continued. She wasn’t just there to be cute for the sake of being cute, seeing her learn to read and write or kicking ass or just being bros with PEtrarca was so endearing.

If anybody tells you that Miusel wasn’t the best girl, don’t trust them. Just… just cut all ties with them.

Favourite Anime (that I watched and didn’t air this year)

Milky Holmes S1
Just season one. Season two was pretty awful except for GLORIOUS EPISODE SIX. Which is as good as the first season is. And then there’s S3…. ugh. We don’t talk about that, do we? Well MH S1 was a funny enough show and the girls (Nero aside) were all charming in their own ways. The entire cast was colourful and fun and I eagerly went from episode to episode. It wasn’t a show I expected to like but I’m glad I gave it a shot.


Binbougami ga!
I didn’t think I watched this during 2013 but my post for it was in January so I guess I did and it therefore counts. Binbougami ga is superb. The anime is funny but at the same time captures the heartwarming moments of the manga well.

Yeah, after watching the show I started reading the manga. Bad idea. Now the pain of knowing there’ll never be another season hurts more than I can bear. There have been so many, too many to count, times where I’ve been sad about a show not getting another season but if I had to pick just one to have all or most of the original content animated it would be this one. The world is just missing so much without it.

Anime of the Year

Shin Sekai Yori
Tamako Market
Chihayafuru S2
Outbreak Company
Gatchaman Crowds

A last minute steal away from Gatchaman Crowds. My top two shows were unconventional, colourful and with cheerful as hell leading ladies. But it was Kyousougiga that won for me. The cast was wonderful and the setting bizarre. It was only ten episodes but managed to make feel things I had never expected. And it was just such a whirlwind of a ride that it seemed over before I knew it, sadly enough.

I already talked about why I loved the show so much very recently so I won’t go over it again here. I can only gush for so much, you know.

Closing Thoughts

There’s some exciting stuff ahead in 2014. Of course when I say that I’m thinking about the KagePro anime but hey, there’s probably other stuff too! Like, uh… uh… the Tamako Market movie! Yeah! Though who knows when I’ll actually get to see that. Well maybe I’ll be talking about that in my end of 2015 post. Huh. That’s a really scary thought actually.

I plan to post a lot more in 2014. It’s kind of sad that it’s been six years and I’ve been so lazy. But this isn’t a job, just a hobby so I don’t think it’s completely unacceptable.

Things might be changing around here soon, too. Big changes. I won’t say what but it might be something new and fresh and different and kind of scary! For me anyways.

Happy new year!


  1. The more I listen to this soundtrack I know it should be this one.
  2. From a game and a guy? I don’t care. Still my waifu.

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