12 Days of Anime: #10 – Transitoriness

(I was going to make another Tiro Finale joke here like last year but opted out, will regret later)

Another subject I posted about after the fact way back when it happened but I think it had such an impact and I’m sure I wouldn’t have watched if it hadn’t happened so for the 10th day, the end of episode three of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.

Because you only had three episodes, it was hard to feel sad about Hamburger Helper dying. Not to mention the fact that they explicitly state over and over that nobody can die it seems like a lot of effort for nothing. But Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita starts playing as Ai explains her dad died while showing a little montage of them doing father and daughter things and it’s just so overwhelming and shocking that it was kind of really good. It was a death that shouldn’t have had an impact but boy did it ever. I mean, it was a bit hard to swallow at first since he had been a bit of a dick but that’s easy to forget once Ai starts bawling, mixing in with the chorus of the ED.

Every description of the show I saw made it seem like the whole show would be Ai and Hamburger Helper having adventures but heh, nope.

It was also unexpected that Yuri and Scar ended up being kinda main characters. They had an adorable relationship and I was glad for it but when Yuri first appeared, did you really expect him to take over as the primary dad-like figure? Did you expect him to be there until the end? I sure didn’t.

Kaminai was actually a better show than I expected.  It had a nice OST and the ED was absolutely fantastic. The setting was strange and interesting and sometimes, so were the characters. And I might not have known all that if it wasn’t for this one scene.

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