Aniblogger Secret Santa 2013: Memories

I was pretty mad about my choices this year since it felt like whoever had gave me it didn’t spare a single glance at the things I did watch. Sure, the point is to get people to try new things but at least take their interests into consideration a bit, right?

Well, anyways. Not one to back down from a challenge, I finished anyways. Albeit at the last minute. Still, a victory is a victory!

Magnetic Rose actually had me hooked from the start. In five minutes you had a bunch of more or less likable guys, a bit of history and insight into their personalities and a grasp of their job and the world they lived in. Perfect setup.

It had the feel of a sci-fi horror story that a bug budget hollywood film might have (complete with the main character living, for better or for worse) only probably a lot better. The gradual change as they explored Eva’s home as it became more and more creepier was fantastic. Not in a jump scare kind of way but an unsettling, on your toes kind of way that makes for good show.

It was a bit disappointed though that it ended up being a wacky A.I pulling the strings and not a space ghost because it makes aforementioned creepy imagery a lot less effective. Then it’s just space madness. I don’t really see why an A.I would need creepy ambiance after all.

Wasn’t quite expecting such a downer ending though which kind of made me wary about the next two episodes. Since, going into Memories, I had no idea what it was about other than three different stories.

From the title of the next one, Stink Bomb, I was sure I would be proven wrong. That’s both true and not true. It seems like Nobuo’s cluelessness is played for laughs but it just wasn’t that funny when his brainlessness caused hundreds if not thousands to die. Though watching an entire army try to kill one person and failing spectacular was a bit entertaining, I suppose.

So, still preferred the first episode. Everything it did was great and while Stink Bomb was entertaining, I can’t stand characters like Nobuo.

Three, unlike the other two, was a lot less captive. Rather than building its characters like the other two, there was just a whole lot of steampunk scenery-porn that really just didn’t jive with me. While Magnetic Rose had given me reason to care about the characters in less than five minutes, I found myself half way through this and sure that I would not be affected should anything happen to the characters here.

The third episode was a lot shorter and a lot cruder looking than the previous two episodes though. However the different artstyle did lead to a few interesting shots where it seemed as if selection parts were cut out and pasted on top of something else. Not to mention the crayon drawing coming to life against a backdrop of war was such a neat contrast as well.

I had trouble believing that was where it really ended. Had it just been him going to bed and not the siren and the lights, that would have been fine. What did the siren and lights mean? Their enemy counterattacking? Nothing? Well it’s not like it necessarily marred my enjoyment of the episode since it was my least favourite anyways but it was just so strange.

I’m rather glad I had the chance to watch Magnetic Rose since it was thrilling and even Stink Bomb was entertaining at the very least. Cannon Fodder wasn’t really for me but I still think it was rather well done, just not as good as it’s predecessors.

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