12 Days of Anime: #12 – Ame and Yuki

The first time I watched Wolf Children, at the beginning of this year, the movie destroyed me. It’s not necessarily a sad movie and actually bittersweet more than anything else. But by the end of my first watch, I was slumped over my desk, crying so hard that upon rewatching a day after I realized I had been so overwhelmed that I didn’t even remember the scene that happens after the parking lot. I’m not sure why the end had affected me in the way it did that day but I’m glad it did. Anything that could make me feel something so strongly is amazing in my books.

Despite being on a tight budget (sorta) in recent months, I was glad I was able to scoop up the BD/DVD set for so cheap on Amazon. Rewatching it in english was just as fantastic. While I didn’t bawl (because by the time they came out over here it was November and I had seen the movie like five times by then?) it’s still wonderful in both english and the original japanese. You can’t go wrong with either.

It’s going to be hard for Hosoda Mamoru to top himself, I feel. Each of his movies has evoked emotion in me, growing with each movie. The Girl Who Leapt Through time was, again, bitter sweet yeah and Summer Wars probably had me tear up but nothing hit me quite like Wolf Children did. I’ve always been unimpressed with Ghibli movies and Shinkai movies haven’t ever been my thing so I’m glad Hosoda is around to fill the gap left for me.

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